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[EXTREME STORY SPOILERS, READ AT YOUR OWN RISK] So… What’re your thoughts on Season 3?

Well, figured I’d post this. Apologies in advance (well, I wrote this sentence after finishing writing everything else) as my end of the discussion is way bigger than I'd intended. I was torn between compiling a timeline of the FFBE universe’s important events, or discussing the story (might make the timeline post at some point in the future though). Both since I’m bored and am a lore buff for FFBE. In other news, my DND series has essentially joined PPD in “not-not dead”-ness (sorry to anyone waiting for that. I keep forgetting to do the few sheets I’ve drafted a) since I’m busier than expected and b) it’s harder to do the stuff I normally do for the posts because of school WiFi and being busy. I do have Noppy fully finished I just haven’t done her post yet, sadly. Heck I’ve even got 3 other characters done…).

Anyways, this isn’t a post about “Creating FFBE Characters for DND 5e,” so I’ll stop talking about that haha. Heavy spoilers are expected, so read on at your own risk.

So today officially ended Season 3. I know it’s not the best season, but what did anyone who paid attention think of it?

Personally, I liked it more than S1. However, it had some glaring issues, some even shared by S1. Taking forever to get to the meat of everything, useless filler, retcons galore, you name it. I found it most frustrating whenever it seemed like they were just dragging out the story to make some cliffhanger (to be fair I didn't start paying attention to the game until S3C2P1 had released, but was at Olderion by then), such as the whole chapter when Fina "died," and then everything to bring her back. I just hated how it took, what, one whole release for Rain to finally reach the Will of Oblivion?

One of my other gripes is with the retcons. First, Dark Fina never really "died." And that's not even the half of what lore they retconned for Fina/Dark Fina (and also ignored Vesvia's existence?). Then, now, why is Lasswell suddenly forgetting Physalis is half-Aldore/half-Hess and her ability to awaken her blood was a very major plot point in S2 (basically her one defining trait when she was introduced). Albeit I expect they'll address that in S4 given the whole plot for that one. And that's failing to address that Lasswell and Raegen's party's were assumed to have been stone-cold killers in S2, but then Zolulu and Delulu appear again and Galas (or was it Gudon?) is mentioned to also be alive? I thought Physalis, Mid, Nagi, and Shamlin were the only surviving Stars since they turned good (aside from Hyoh, Zeno, Nichol, and Sakura). Takes the fun out of it if you ask me.

However, the season did have its moments. I found some of the references amusing in how cheesy they were (4th-wall breaking, "Boomer," continual pop culture references, etc.). Whoever's in charge of localizing (I forget who but didn't one of the community reps choose Boomer's name?) was on-point. Like, it's funny but because of how bad the jokes were. Other than jokes, Roca's whole story post-Berga was pretty good, and the Hollow Breakers (Chorale's team, not the S3 girls) both had awesome boss fight designs and and were cool. Too many died though. To me, the story really took off in Berga, and mostly kept getting better. Slowly though. I did like the "Will of Equilibrium" twist, too, but thought the WoE ending felt way too rushed. 2 parts dedicated to defeating god (fun note: S1 is destroying an imaginary societal construct, S2 is the evil emperor who becomes a giant monster thingy, and S3 is killing god. You know, typical JRPG logic. I wonder what S4 will be? Think they've run out of JRPG trope bosses now…) and it ends with a plot point I'd called well over a month ago (Rinora still having a part of the Will of Oblivion in him), however said resolution lasts like 10 seconds and then they're all happy-happy-joy-joy? Cheap.

Taking a quick paragraph to stop and talk about it, I didn't like any of the S3 girls except for Cleome, weirdly enough. And Roca. And sort of Nerine but only in relation to Chorale? Aside from Fina of course given her and Rain are my favorite characters. The three of them had the best plot development, especially Roca and Cleome. Roca sucked pre-Fina death but once she suddenly started acting more like Dark Fina her character was 100% more likable. Cleome's part of the plot with Akstar was enjoyable, too. Daisy, Poppy, and Kalmia all had lousy roles though. Daisy's death, especially, felt like I knew it was coming from a mile away and there wasn't any major impact with her death. She doesn't develop as a character (aside from joining the Rain harem) and isn't as likable as, say, Sol. Her death wasn't as impactful imo especially after the season ended and she's magically brought back to life (I love how Dark Fina is half-killed in S3, Daisy is magically brought back, and now Sol's just stuck being the only character who's really dead now). And then we've got Physalis and Charlotte who were amusing, but I feel they should've had larger roles. Same as Lasswell who's relegated to some subplot with forming a harem with those two, and Raegen who I really hope has his presidency explored more (especially given President Raegen is a unit now in JP, if only for the 6th anniversary). Heck, they even relegated Lid, Jake, Nichol, and Sakura to side roles (seems they're afraid to explore more of their respective relationships though? However the whole Nichol harem never made sense to me especially with how ridiculously morally questionable it is).

Back to discussing the finale, with how dragged-out the story was, I feel they could've, and should've, dragged out the ending a bit more. Or, I suppose, it would've been better if they didn't drag it out? Really as I think about it, the ending only feels rushed because it's 2 whole quests added on after the big parts of last month's update. And that's because Gumi's lame with story releases until now when they presumably only released Chapter 10 to rush to S4 and Totally-Not-RainTM's release. Again, pacing was an issue here and it's Gumi's fault.

But, I did mention the similarities to S1 and I won't let that slip before I finish with this post. To me, S1's biggest problem was finding its footing and getting the group together. It really struggled imo until the whole group was together and that's very similar to S3. We all know S2 was great but S1 honestly might sort of be inferior to S3 imo? Sort of. But basically, S3 did struggle to find its footing too, serving as a soft reboot of the game after S2's ending (that really served as a potential ending to the game. S1 couldn't have existed on its own with everything it set up, but S2 didn't need S3. I honestly agree with the general consensus that S3 was made because FFBE didn't die). The two have some striking similarities to me though.

Other than that, what're your thoughts on S3? Personally I liked it for what it is, but it's virtually impossible to compare it to S2 which was amazing. Honestly, I almost found myself sad at the end of it all (mind you, having "Ashes of Dreams" from NieR Replicant stuck in your head as the credits are rolling doesn't help. On the subject of the credits, what's with some of the things in there? Nomura, Sony Music, etc. are all credited but for what? I can understand Nomura but Sony? It can't be because of collabs since I didn't see Disney there). So, did you like it? Dislike it? Indifferent? Thoughts on anything in the season especially? At least S4's going to be better from what I hear. Rain-centric and probably in more ways than one .


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