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F.F.B.E.S.B.B.S.C.C. – Episode 2: Vlad, the Impaled

Content of the article: "F.F.B.E.S.B.B.S.C.C. – Episode 2: Vlad, the Impaled"

It stands for Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Series Boss Battle Series Cast Challenge. To make things easier, the acronym is pronounced "Fezzik". The Bs are silent, ofc.

So some of you may remember the first episode of this series which I posted on the FFBEBlog, where I took the original cast of FFIV and slayed Zeromus. At the time, it was the only SBB I was really interested in trying with the original cast, especially since it didn't seem like Gumi cared about the SBBs enough to actually give us the rest of them.

But now things are looking up for our SBBs! We got Vlad, which is something, and hopefully a sign of more SBBs to come! Of course the SBBs are insanely powercrept at this point thanks to the NV era, so how do we make them challenging? Use the series cast units!

Unfortunately for Vlad, PG Lasswell got an NVA so this is a short one (4 turns) but it was still fun to use some of these old units. I got to dust off Awakened Rain again, and even used my 6* Physalis! I love that girl, even as a 6* unit she was a badass! 120% on-demand ice imperil, ice imbue to anyone in the party, and infinite t-cast…wow…on a friggin 6*!

Now I didn't need any friend units on this one since my PG Lassie does all the damage really, but if you want to try something like this and don't happen to have an NVA Lasswell then you can just grab a friend who happens to be set up for it. Hell you can use mine if you want, just let me know in the comments below.

The Team

LM Fina – The Season 2 version of Fina. Nothing special here, I just hit the Optimize button and chose SPR for the focus.

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A. Rain – Does he count as a Season 2 version of Rain? There are so many versions of Rain I lose track XD He's just loaded with HP and SPR to survive Vlad's AoE mag attacks.

Physalis (6*) – Never got a dupe of her so she's stuck at 6*, but who cares because her 6* kit is still really impressive! Again I just hit the optimize button and chose ATK as the focus here, the build is really inconsequential.

MS Nichol – Here for the 70% dark buff as well as his stat buffs and damage mitigation. Doesn't need anything special here.

Raegan – Can't have a Season 2 party without ol' daddy Raegan! He's my evade provoke unit, but if you can't build a passive rovoke unit you can just give him Golem and cast Provoke on turn one, but you'll still need to give him 30% draw attacks somewhere. It can't be moogle plushie either because you'll need him to be dual wielding so his AMoE chains hit twice. I gave him an ice weapon in one hand so he doesn't have to worry about Vlad's AoE dispel on turn 3.

PG Lassworm (NVA EX+2) – You'll need your Lassie to be at least EX+1 for this to work, as the strategy relies on killing Vlad with his LB on turn 4. He's loaded with demon killer (300%) in both forms, but his BS form also comes with 220% LB damage boost to ensure that Vlad dies on Turn 4. To try and make things fair to Vlad (sarcasm) the only BS ability that I enhanced was Fatal Bloom+

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Everyone has at least 30% dark resist for Vlad's AoE dark physical attack. Everyone needs Confusion resist.

Builds are at the beginning of the video.

The Strategy

Turn 1

Rain covers. Nichol buffs dark resistance and then uses Heroic Stance. Raegan uses his fire attack (which procs twice) thus fulfilling the first mission (hit with fire/ice twice in one turn). Fina does whatever you want her to do (not that you sicko!).

Physalis (chaining with Lasswell) uses Short Range Ice Charge (on Lasswell) > Frozen Bullet > Armored Anti-Ice Grenade

Lasswell uses Perfect Selflessness > 2x Burning Soul Edge

Turn 2

Rain buffs his SPR. Nichol adds damage mitigation. Fina dispels Vlad and casts Curaja. Raegan guards.

Physalis (chaining with Lasswell) uses 3x Armored Anti-Ice Grenade

Lasswell uses 2x Burning Soul Edge > AMoE Grandis Ability

Turn 3

Rain uses his CD mag mitigation (or you can just have him guard). Fina, Nichol, and Raegan have a free turn.

Physalis (chaining with Lasswell) Short Range Ice Charge > 2x Armored Anti-Ice Grenade

Lasswell Brave Shifts and uses Complete Awakening > Fatal Bloom+ > Hailstorm Edge

Hopefully this brings Vlad down somewhere around 60%. What you don't want to do is push the 50% threshold, because then you have to start dealing with his 100% damage mitigation crap. Better to just skip that part.

Turn 4

Nichol uses Enhancing Stance on Lasswell (I think this is the only time I've every actually used this ability…like ever).

Physalis and Raegan chain AMoE together (make sure Physalis uses an ice attack, or give her an ice elemental weapon so it'll be an element chain)

Lasswell caps the chain with his LB. You'll want to start the AMoE chain first to make sure each of Lassie's 7 hits fit within the chain. I did this a couple of times where I started Lasswell's LB too soon and it missed a few hits which left Vlad with 10-20% HP. So every hit counts here!

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That's it, really. Now most of you have probably already cleared this on Turn 1 with Tifa, but if you like doing SBBs with the series units this one is definitely one of the easier ones to accomplish and hit all the missions.

Poor Vlad XD


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