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Fan Sprites: Tyrants of Aldore Edition (NV Quadis & Levnato) *s2 spoilers*

Content of the article: "Fan Sprites: Tyrants of Aldore Edition (NV Quadis & Levnato) *s2 spoilers*"

Fan Sprite Imgur Album (NV Quadis & Levnato added)

I'm back with some more unofficial units. I've been meaning to post these sooner, but the hold up was learning to animate capes properly…

Emperor Quadis

For his 1st form I took inspiration from his concept art. He never actually shows up with his sceptre and sword in the game, however it makes for a nice alternate form. I'm just not sure how the character designer intended him to use those weapons. The lightning effect is based off the final battle where he gets that DBZ aura.

His 2nd form is based off his boss sprite, but with a little more attitude. I was planning on giving him a fire aura but I couldn't get it right manually. When it comes to fire effects, the game's artists uses a vfx program to generate them… which I don't have.

Levnato of the Alpha Star

His 1st form is the Levnato we see for most of the game. There's not much to really say about him, he was a straight interpretation of his boss art. I'm having second thoughts about his 'bobbing', he could probably stand still and let his cape do the heavy lifting.

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When it came to thinking of his 2nd form, I decided on the armor we see right before he goes all three headed giant. I don't think it's stated in game, but it looks like his armor is a mutated combination of the Sworn Six's armor. It looked better than the times he took his helmet off.

The funny thing is that out of the four sprites, his 2nd form was the easiest to sprite. That's because contrast was easier to achieve than having to work with so many shades of black that make up the Quadis sprite.

Next Time…

I've started two different sprite projects:

  • DV Esper Units: Half way through on Nichol/Siren & Luka/Leviathan. Planning to do Aileen/Titan, Sakura/Ramuh & Rinora/Doomtrain.

  • NV Xenogears: Nearly done with Fei's NVA Id form & a NV Grahf. Planning on a NVA form of Elly (Either in her Myyah form or when she is glowing & naked). I have an idea to do a vision card based on the Zohar. Open to doing a NVA form for Citan, Maria or Bart too… they are just not as obvious as the others.

Which one would you like to see finished first?


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