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FFBE 4th Anniversary Livestream Q&A

Content of the article: "FFBE 4th Anniversary Livestream Q&A"

Q1 The Global (GL) Version is missing out on some story events and collaborations that took place in the Japanese (JP) Version. Are there any future plans to hold these events in GL?

A. We are aware that some events (collaborations and story events included) that were held in JP were postponed in GL. Currently we are prioritizing the implementation of the newest units and events, and thus dates for these postponed events have yet to be determined at this point. However, we can assure you that at least the units from Season 3 will make an appearance in GL some time in future.


Q2 The GL version has not had any new Series Boss Battles (SBB) in a while. Are there any plans to release the ones currently on hold?

A. SBB events had not been scheduled for the near future while other content was being prioritized. However, during the livestream we noticed that a lot of players are eager to play new SBB content. Based on that feedback, we would like to ask for more time to discuss how we can address this, as we will need to coordinate our efforts internally with the operations and development teams.


Q3 Some innocent players were removed from the Dark Visions rankings on accident, while some illegitimate players were left on the scoreboard. How are these types of issues going to be addressed for Dark Visions in the future?

A. We offer our deepest apologies for the mix up that caused innocent players to be unjustly removed from the Dark Vision rankings. Unfortunately, the truth is that there are some players who are using illegitimate methods to earn high scores for Dark Visions. We will keep monitoring and and addressing illegitimate players, as it is our job to provide safe and fair game-play environment for all players. However, in the future we will be even more careful when screening players suspected of using nefarious methods to score highly in Dark Visions, as we hope to continue holding this event regularly. We are currently discussing penalties that will be applied to illegitimate players in the near future, and will inform all our players how the team will be dealing with such players moving forward. Due to the time constraints during the livestream, we were only able to answer the 3 questions above, but the team kept a close eye on all of your comments during the entirety of the event. Therefore, we plan to answer the questions that were frequently brought up or repeated in the comments in either an official video, or through our official social media channels.

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