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FFBE- CoW #3 Kyros The Invincible (literally).

Hi guys, I would like to share my strategy for this CoW, the Invincible Kyros (literally, this dude is tough). Important notice: I recorded the fight with just 215% bonus, without the def/spr 30%, because variance was screwing with me and I was leaving him around 51-53% when I tried to recorded it. But I swear it's possible with the def/spr 30% bonus. (For my own sanity sake I recorded it like that cause I've tried like a million times)

Details: Blind the boss, please blind him and lower his accuracy. Bring your best tank, Behemy is specially good for this fight cause he can reach 100% evade without losing HP or Def and he has demon mitigations and can give demon killer (Gladio will counter till eternity). Sky and Louise can lower boss's accuracy, Skye with her LB on BS. Use World destroyer without using any status break resistance or else won't work, only Behemy has break resist thanks to his accesory on BS form. Elena takes care of breaks on turn 3 after Celes uses World destroyer.

Turns actions: Turn 1 – Ling: Dissarming Movements, mp refresh and Bilthe Step. -Skye: Toxic Rain to blind the boss. -Behemoth: Shift to normal, Cover, Provoke, No Need for armor. -Louise: Imperil and 3x CWA. -Celes: Shift to normal and LB (80% general mit) -Elena: Fill morale x2.

Turn 2 – Skye: LB to stack. -Ling: Shift to brave, Dragon Dancer, Refreshing Twirl, Bilthe Step. -Behemy: refresh provoke, King's Barrier and Magnus. -Celes: Shift to brave, World destroyer. -Elena: same as turn 1. -Louise: Shift to brave, LB for mod Boost.

Turn 3 – Celes: World destroyer. -Ling: Shift to normal, Rejuvenating Dance, Bilthe Step and Dance of Ferocity. -Skye: LB. -Behemy: LB. -Louise: Cooldown to refresh breaks on boss, gun imperil and CWA x2. -Elena: Cooldown to remove breaks and Fill morale.

Turn 4 – Skye shift to normal and uses Magnus, this is so she can fill her own LB at the start of turn 5. -Ling: Trascendent Performance , Bilthe Step and Dance of Ferocity. -Behemy: Defends -Elena: Azure Might and fill morale. -Louise: Shift to normal and Magnus, Fire field, Modified gear-Powerboost and Diversal Arsenal. -Celes: LB.

Turn 5 – Skye: LB -Behemy: Shift to brave and 3x BS. -Elena: Ice imperil first and 2x Magnus. -Louise: Magnus, 2x CWA and Cooldown. -Celes: Shift to normal and 3x Blizzaga (CWA). -Ling: Shift to brave and 3x Dragon's bite.

*Chain Explanation: Almost inmediately the BS chainers press Louise, not so fast or else she will hit without the Ice imperil, and after Louise you press Celes but almost at time Louise is doing her second cast.

Turn 6 – Ling: Dragon Dancer to fill LB again and human killer -Behemy: Demon killer. -Celes: Shift to brave and LB to imbue/amplify again. -Skye: LB. -Elena and Louise: 3x BS.

Some other details: 200% morale is needed if you used the 30% Def/spr bonus otherwise you'll fall short on damage. Bring all your auto cast gear and materia, and always use Ling's and Elena's abilities to fill the morale, having high morale makes a huge difference on the boss's damage. I still don't know if his defense and spirit buffs can be prevented in some way, cause no matter what he'll always have them, except on turn 6 if you manage to reach 49% HP lock. I don't think using any LB or attacking with any element retaliate with something different cause no matter what he will always use the same attacks.

If someone asks for replacements on units I think it would be very difficult, probably Ygni or Bulwark instead of Celes.

If I'm missing something please let me know. Now I can go stress myself with WoTV instead lol

Edit* I've never said something like "please suscribe to my channel", but I noticed that 98% of my views are from people that is not suscribed lol so, If you find my videos of any help please consider suscribing.


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