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FFBE [GL] NV Damage Spreadsheet: Shui Yu Spotlight

Hello everyone,

as there is of course a lot of interest in the numbers and perks of GL's newest exclusive unit, Shui Yu, I thought about throwing a spotlight together for you all. First, I'm gonna share some obligatory stuff and then go into further detail:

  • Acess to the NV Damage Spreadsheet (or alternative way to open here directly as a copy in case you get any struggles).
  • Links to my Ko-fi and Patreon pages that are pretty new. Planning to get alot more into content 🙂


Shui Yu will join us after the next reset and is a magic chainer and finisher, possible in both forms. As of the numbers, preferably you go for chaining on the normal form and finishing on the brave shift form. Let's take a quick look what she offers in base. Her TMR offers 20% MAG/SPR, + 20% MAG/SPR when equipping rod/staff + 30% fire and water resistance. I would only use this if you dont equip her STMR for some reason, otherwise its .. painful to look at. Her STMR is a 180/140 MAG/SPR rod with 50% TDH MAG/SPR. Nice weapon, but nothing special. You will most likely only use this on herself to get the rare 50% TDH SPR. Looking at further detailed unit information, we got the following:

Stats & Unit (EX+1) Shui Yu (Base Form) Shui Yu (Brave Shift)
Base Stats + Pots 412 MAG 335 SPR
Passive DMG Stat Boosts + TMR/STMR equipped 290% MAG, 200% TDH MAG, 50% LB Damage 270% SPR, 100% TDH SPR, 200% LB Damage, 75% Demon Killer
Active DMG Boosts 300% MAG/SPR boosts, -120% water imperil, 25% water amplify, can quadcast CWA/BS 300% MAG/SPR boosts, -120% water imperil, 25% water amplify, can tripplecast CWA, gets 250% LB buff before hitting
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Let's get into further details, what is the girl capable off? As we are looking for the highest damage output, I am going to put her into the best possible situation. Luckily, she brings some buffs already by herself so we just need to add weapon imperil in. Relm would be her best friend, as she offers -35% rod imperil. As you most likely have a breaker around, when using NV Locke, Kryla or Summer Fina & Lid you would also have the higher -130% water imperil. Combining all factors, she reaches:

Taking other units in account, she deals comparable damage to Dark Fina & Sol. The duo can reach higher numbers though, as they have access to a -135% earth resist debuff. Based on this, she would be ranked as the third best magic damage dealer, behind Dark Fina & Sol and Ibara (Terra has her own territory in evoke damage). The numbers with best possible applied buffs would like this:

  1. Ibara 1.99 T damage with braveshift LB (assuming self buffs applied, -35% rod imperil, +15% dark amplify, +150% LB damage boost supported by Kryla, Yoshikiri, Relm).
  2. Dark Fina & Sol 1.5 T damage with braveshift LB (assuming self buffs applied, -35% rod imperil, 25% earth amplify supported by Faisy).
  3. Shui Yu: 1.41 T damage with braveshift LB (assuming self buffs applied, -35% rod imperil, -130% water imperil supported by Relm, NV Locke etc.).
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Well lets say, she is a good unit. Her damage is solid – but suffers mostly from poor options in the braveshift form. TDH SPR is difficult to gear and 100% as passive is not helping either. This should be at least 200% and here is why: If you want high TDH SPR, you have to block many materia slots. Those should be free for killers though, as she is not an evoker. She just feels half-assed or simply designed to not reach higher / stronger levels. In the future we get the chain cap materias, that would eat up even more slots here. If you thought Ibara was hard to gear for her LB, try this girl. She will even make whales struggle.

My advice: Only pull her if you like her. Yes, she might be the best water magic damage option, but the imbuable NV Lasswell can serve a good chunk of damage in that department too. It would be better to save your lapis for NV Lunafreya in the future, who will most likely deal 4 times the amount of damage or even more, I have not calculated that yet.

Short disclaimer: This is my first review write-up, so let me know what you think, what you miss, where you need more information et cetera. As for the progress on the spreadsheet, in the future I would want to take the use of active and passive killers into account while writing reviews – Stay tuned!


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