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FFBE [GL] NV Damage Spreadsheet – UPDATE #2

Hello guys,

this is my second write up around the NV Damage Spreadsheet for GL. Linked is the view only version, which should be the most stable option for you to use (also got a second link to save it as a copy so you can actually use the modifiers on the left – but this one can be slow from time to time to open). I will just continue with a view on whats new and whats next to keep you updated and informed.

I also have my ko-fi and Patreon pages set and work on updates there. Feel free to take a visit and leave a follow, comment or some donations. I enjoy creating and sharing the content, but it obviously can be time consuming 😛

What's new?

  1. Show the difference of damage when an enemy is broken. This one is working now, and is clickable as a modifier. So just put it on to see what your unit could do as damage per turn or burst against a breakable boss.
  2. Complete rework of the formulars, that should increase the speed and accuracy of the spreadsheet. This has finished today, so you might get some struggles still. Just leave some feedback after a couple of days and let me know how the performance is now.
  3. I also started a high end damage ranking of units based on the spreadsheet numbers. This includes the best possible options combined (elemental boost, field effects, etc.). I have a write up in the brave-exvius forum, but will also post them in one of my next posts on reddit once I included the chain modifier changes. Use this link whenever you want to get the current state. This way you can avoid to use modifiers if you just want a quick peek at the current top damage dealers.
  4. Including 7* stars that deal reasonable damage after enhancements. Yes, we finally got enhancements again. I already am a big fan of DoD Vanille (did use her for a heavenly flames clear if you want to kill some time and watch it). GC Fang got a nice update and can reach now up to 1T damage if you would use her as a secondary jump finisher next to Edgar for example. Obviously there are better options, but those are outstanding numbers for a 7 star. Let's hope they will continue with great enhancements on GL.
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What's next?

  1. Still ongoing but not forgotten are the filters for killer builds and active killer buffs. One step closer, but still in the works!
  2. Including the new way of increasing the chain modifier cap on respective units is already in the works, so numbers of certain units might go up in the next time.

What else you got?

Good news for all Shui Yu lovers, SoS Lightnings STMR is perfect for her. Under the same conditions as I explained on my last write up, she is now able to match Ibara in terms of raw damage LB finishing. Depending on killer builds, I will do more comparisons once we are done – still, those numbers are a good way to show that she can reach high damage with proper set up.

Unit Damage Value Buffs
1. Ibara – Braveshift LB 2.09 T damage innate 6x
2. Shui Yu – Braveshift LB 2.07 T damage (16% increase compared to 1.78T) 1 SoS STMR used to gain 5x (with her hard gearing requirements, 6x seems quite unrealistic)
3. Dark Fina & Sol – Braveshift LB 1.51 T damage innate 6x

So, thanks for reading and see you on the next update – Peace out!


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