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FFBE [GL] NV Damage Spreadsheet: Vinera Fennes Spotlight

Hello everyone,

today Vinera Fennes joined the club and I was curious how she will work out. She is labelled as breaker and damage dealer, but how good is she really? As usual, I am gonna share some obligatory stuff and then go into further detail:


Vinera is using her normal form mostly to do breaks. She can break full stats every turn for 80%, has a cooldown skill for 85% that works without disruption (unless the boss gets dispelled of course), and a magnus ability that does effective breaks on ATK/DEF for 90% on 3 turns, and all stat 85% for 5 turns. The magnus can be used 4 times, so you have the option of keeping 90% breaks up for 12 turns. She also offers dagger break gauge skill, is focused on dark damage and can fill her LB easily.

Something more unique in her normal form is the damage over time, where she has Condemning Blade (30x+5x, damaging 4 turns), Poison Sting (40x+5x, damaging 4 turns), Armor Cleaver (60x+10x, damaging 4 turns) and Marauder's Blade (120x+10x, damaging 4 turns). Her LB has this skill as well (50x, 3 turns), and adds modifiers noted as + to her skills. They all do stack (you can test it on the dummy). For those who dont know, the damage gets added on the next turn, so after you get your turn damage chart, and is added to the following damage chart. The physical damage of these skills gets buffed like normal physical damage, so make sure to buff yourself up before you use them.

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Heading over to her braveshift, she offers 4x mirage for all, though limited to once every 4 turns. For herself, she can spam 6x though. She also is able to amplify dark by 25% to the team, the highest currently available option. Her LB is the strongest part of her kit, as it can be buffed by 300% and 50% dark amplify for herself.

Stats & Unit (EX+1) Vinera Fennes (Base Form) Vinera Fennes (Brave Shift)
Base Stats + Pots 425 ATK 430 ATK
Passive DMG Stat Boosts + TMR/STMR equipped 160% ATK, +50% ATK w/ Dagger, 150% TDW, 150% LB Damage, 200% Human Killer 6x chain cap for DW 160% ATK, +50% ATK w/ Dagger, 150% TDW, 150% LB Damage, 150% Human Killer, 100% Reaper Killer, 6x chain cap for DW
Active DMG Boosts 300% ATK boost, 90%/85/80% DEF break, 150% human killer buff, -120% dark resist, dark element, 100% LB buff 300% ATK boost, 80% DEF break, 150% human killer buff, -120% dark resist, dark element, 300% LB buff, 25% AOE dark amplify, 50% dark self-amplify before LB hits


So lets see, she seems to offer a lot in total. What are the numbers saying though? First off, I want to start with the damage over time. I did some calculation and lets say, its not really worth it. The highest combination of modifiers is doing 8% of her LB damage (if LB damage was 1T, that would be 0,08 T). Biggest problem is that it is not landing into any chain and only hits once. They also dont build up a chain with each other. So, this is rather a gimmick, sadly.

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Looking further into her maximum damage capability, you should gear her with katanas for now. This way you can pair her up with Akstar & Cleome to benefit from their -15% katana imperil. If you want the absolute maximum, you still need -130% dark imerpil, where Gilgamesh or Riku (KHIII) could come in handy. There is no dark field yet, but in case you have Terra in the team, you can use the 25% LB field. The only unit I can really compare her to is probably Savior of Souls Lightning, so lets see:

Unit Damage Value & Growth Buffs & Buff Growth
1.1 Savior of Souls Lightning 2.13 T damage Self: Lightning, -120% lightning imperil, 300% ATK, 150% LB, 30% lightning amplify
2.1 Vinera Fennes 1.36 T damage Self: Dark element, -120% dark imperil, 300% ATK, 300% LB, 50% dark amplify
1.2 Savior of Souls Lightning ~2.71 T damage (27% increase) 300% LB buff by Zidane STMR skill
2.2 Vinera Fennes ~1.63 T damage (19% increase) -135% dark by DK Cecil, 25% sword imperil by NV Ardyn (OR 25% dagger imperil by NV Hawkeye, not sure for GL, same for 25% physical dark field by Riesz)


Vinera (ATK, DEF) and Lightning (SPR) are currently and also compared to JP the strongest breakers. While Lightning has a lot of room to grow in terms of damage and already offers possible top tier damage right now, Vinera is placed more in the middle. As they are most likely not your "funnel unit" that you want to push for the biggest damage, both are doing well though. Vinera adds in some more possibilites in regard of dark damage teams.

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My advice: Pull if you are focusing on DV. As Dark Visions is all about getting the most damage out of your team, Vinera might come in handy. It really depends on who you fight and what other units you have – like mostly. For trials and content outside of DV, I assume that 85% breaks are more than enough (correct me if I am wrong).


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