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FFBE UPDATES! #46 Global Original Event and Units! Global Summary

Content of the article: "FFBE UPDATES! #46 Global Original Event and Units! Global Summary"

New video is out! I will summarize the video below as I go.


Shaly hosting this FFBE update

  • **Yoshikiri coming SOON******TM (Sep 17th)
  • Another GLEX 7* max unit coming on the same banner, Itachi
  • Starlight Elena will be on a banner the following week (Sep 24th)

Yoshikiri (NV base)

LB CG: Link

TMR: ATK+40, SPR+120, boost SPR by 40%

STMR: Boost SPR +80% and SPR TDH

VC: Virtual Training, lvl 1: SPR+50, lvl 10: SPR+100

  1. lvl 4: SPR+20%
  2. lvl 7: Null all ailments
  3. lvl 10: SPR TDH

  • Role = Support
  • Really good ice and water based support abilities
  • Flexible in different situations
  • Provide human and machine killers buff
  • He's a gamer who stays inside and games all day

Featured abilities:

  • Hikikomori (CD once every 5 turns)
    • Activate barrier
    • Boost resistance against ATK/MAG/DEF/SPR breaks
    • Null stop and charm
    • Enable wombo combo for 3 turns to caster (T-cast ability, unique selection only?)
  • Ninpou: Bunshin (CD once every 5 turns)
    • Self 5 stacks evade
    • Ally 2 stacks evade
    • Boost ATK/MAG/DEF/SPR and resistance against ATK/MAG/DEF/SPR breaks

Featured Brave Shift Abilities

  • Ice Scroll (BS chain)
    • AoE ice imbue and imperil
    • Boost ice damage
    • Boost ice resistance
  • Ninjutsu: Kaihou (Magnus, 1 use per battle)
    • Boost LB damage for all allies

Itachi (5-7 star)

TMR: ATK+150, chance of inflicting disease, Itachi only ability: Boost ice damage by 10% at beginning of battle/after revive

STMR: Boost ATK +80%, ATK TDW, reduce MP consumption by certain abilities

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  • TDW physical attacker with focus on ice damage
  • Can remove buffs from enemies while debuffing at the same time
  • Can unlock Q-cast

Featured abilities

  • Hisame Arts – Concentration (CD once every 4 turns)
    • Boost ATK, LB damage, enable Hisame arts – merciless assault for 2 turns
  • Quadruple Hisame Arts
    • Q-cast (unique selection)
  • Hisame Secret Arts – Reset (Magnus)
    • ST buff remove from enemy, AoE full break, fully restore HP/MP to caster, and escape from battle for one turn
    • Can't be multi-casted

Starlight Elena NV

  • Strong hybrid BS chain DPS with focus on light and water

Normal Form

  • TDW
  • Increased chain mod cap

Brave Shift form

  • TDH
  • Bonus damage against human and demons
  • Strong finishing abilities
  • "Extremely high meta defining" DPS

Challenge of the Brave: Transcendent Heroes: VS Itachi

  • Braves will be for all GLEX units
  • Can be used for Yoshikiri, Starlight Elena and future GLEX units
  • Only available while dungeon is open, Shaly suggest stocking up for both Yoshikiri and Elena (..?)


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