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FFBE x WotV Clash of Communities Event by Amazon

Clash of Communities Event TL;DR

Nobody likes reading, so here's the TL;DR in advance:

  • Spend $1 in WotV and get $10 off a purchase in FFBE (links below)
  • Spend $1 in FFBE and get $10 off a purchase in WotV (links below)

Conditions: Only applies to Amazon Appstore version of FFBE/WotV (which you should be using anyways if you spend on the game), only eligible in the US/UK (sorry).

Clash of Communities Detailed Info

Alright, here's some words for those who like to read:

Overview: The Clash of Communities event is a friendly competition between the FFBE community and War of the Visions community to assert dominance and celebrate some sweet Amazon-exclusive deals. This event is put on by Amazon with the help of content creators from both communities. Claic Yuzolt, Howlzz, and I are the reps for the FFBE side of things. I would list the content creators for the WotV side but I know better than to think that any of you care about anything to do with that game.

Amazon Appstore Exclusive Deal

This deal allows people to spend $1 in FFBE or WotV and receive $10 off a purchase in the other game. For those who play both games, you can spend $1 in each game and get $10 off a purchase in both of the other games. Frankly, it's free money so anyone who spends even a small amount should consider this deal.

Claic, Howl, and I are all pushing this promotion on our respective channels, so they're tracking clicks through our unique links. I'm linking Claic and Howl below so you can choose who you'd like to support and leaving my own link out in the spirit of avoiding "self promotion":

As you might infer from the links above, this deal is exclusively available in the USA and the UK. Sorry everyone else! Additionally, this is (obviously) only for the Amazon Appstore versions of FFBE and WotV. If you spend money on any mobile titles, you really should be using Amazon. You just always get discounts on Amazon Coins with special promotions like these piled on top. It really adds up!

Community Live Stream

This whole Clash of Communities event is rounded out on December 7th at 4pm PST with a live stream hosted on Claic Yuzolt's channel, linked below. We'll announce the winners there and have other events and fun things going on. Deffo don't want to miss it!

Claic's Twitch Channel

Community Poll

The community poll is where we need as much help as possible. There is a competition between FFBE and WotV to determine the most popular game between the two and the most favorite character. Join the Discord channel linked below, follow the voting instructions, and vote for your favorite character!

Vote Here!

Look, let's be real: War of the Visions is easily second class to FFBE. Do we really want WotV to win this vote? I ain't your dad so do what you want, but I would be thrilled if you wanted to vote for FFBE so we don't have to be humiliated by the likes of WotV.

Aaand that's basically it. Please go vote for FFBE so I don't have to suffer the indignity of WotV players gloating about having a better game when they never did. Thanks!


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