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Firion guide in Base and BS

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I have spent a crazy long time trying to figure out this guy's rotation in both forms on my own because frankly, I couldn't find it anywhere. So for anyone who has and is confused by his huge kit, or people who are on the fence and are just glancing at the unit, this should be kind of helpful.

I'll start with BASE FORM first.

In a nutshell, he's stupidly easy to gear. He hits the tdw cap by himself, even without his tmr.

If you follow his passives and tmr abilities, he gets to 250% atk when you equip a sword and spear, not even mentioning item world. He also can be a little beefy with 60% def/spr and 90% hp passives

His 6x chain cap basically makes his base form wayyyy better than his BS too.

His killers in this state at first glance seem really spread out, but they're pretty focused on beast killers. His Grandis ability checks out for that too.

This is the simpler form in his kit, as he basically wants to spam "Blood Weapon (Firion -Neo Vision-)" as much as possible.

His LB gives a really tiny 5x mod boost to his chains, and it breaks in between so I'm not including it in his rotation. And Fynn Briar II is actually a 77x mod when Blood Weapon, an ST SR chaining skill, is an 81x mod every turn.

So he gets to a pretty healthy 243x mod every turn, not including his imbuing, buffing and imperil steps. The 6x chain cap allows him to outdamage Cloud and Rain in terms of chaining, even with their LBs!

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His BRAVE SHIFT is a bit strange, and it's one of the reasons why I wanted to post this.

This form is stupidly deceptive, and you'll have to bear with me here when I start mentioning his chaining here.

First off, his passives shift. Meaning no more 6x chain cap, and he just happens to have tdh passives here which is heavily preferred in his build. He loses some def passives in exchange for spr here, but it's not too bad. His 150% beast killer also shifts to 150% bird killer here.

His build reaaaally wants his bow in this state, but any powerful 2 handed sword or great sword works here.

And if you want to be a little cheeky, you can use Agent Olive's stmr because of the massive amounts of innate atk %, especially when thrown in item world.

Alright so now we get to his chaining. His strongest chain in this state is "Sword Fighter", which gets to a 77x mod.

But you don't want to ever use this form for ST chaining, ever. It's wayyy weaker in that department than base form.

What you want to use is his unlocked ability "Wild Rose" here, which actually gets buffed up to a 70x AOE BS chaining skill with the help of "Rebellion Against the Empire"!

He can self cap his chains with "Rebellion Against the Empire" and his 3T CD skill "Critical Impact", but this form's primary purpose here is aoe dps. Both of those chain caps are ST, which kind of defeats the purpose of shifting in the first place because base form has more damage because of it's 6x chain cap.

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So what you want to do here is buff and unlock Wild Rose, use "Evil Piercing Arrow" to imbue/imperil and then cast "Rebellion Against the Empire"

Turn 2 3x "Wild Rose", Turn 3 2x "Wild Rose" and RAtE, Turn 4 3x "Wild Rose", Turn 5 3x "Sword Fighter", Turn 6 Buff, Imbue/imperil, RAtE…, Turn 7 Repeat.

It took me a bit to figure this out, but I hope this at least helps some Firion users out there who are confused!


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