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First Turn Mods spreadsheet updated for Gabranth and Balthier

Content of the article: "First Turn Mods spreadsheet updated for Gabranth and Balthier"

DISCLAIMER: Mods don't tell the whole story in terms of how much damage a unit will do, but it's a decent starting point. Multipliers for killers, LB damage, elemental damage, jump damage, and summoning damage will all have a huge effect and aren't accounted for here. This is just a different way to look at units that is independent of what equipment or support units you have access to.

Gabranth hits really hard and chains with SR, which is a well-supported chain family in the post-NV meta. But even using his Grandis, he doesn't quite beat out Loren and ends up in 3rd place.

Balthier mostly doesn't suck now! Unfortunately his strongest first turn chain is locked to Lightning. But his mod is high enough to put him in the Top 10. He is currently in 8th place just below Awakened Dragon Akstar.

Top 25 Turn One Chainers: (6x chain mod in bold)

# Unit Mod Ability Chain
1 Starlight Elena 410x Hybrid Gemini Blade Lv. 5 Bolting Strike x3
2 Loren 332x Blade of Devotion Lv. 5 Stardust Ray x3
3 Gabranth -Neo Vision- 304x Mist Blade > Enrage Lv. 5 Stardust Ray x3
4 Pyro Glacial Lasswell 294x Blade Flash – Revelation Lv. 5 Absolute Mirror of Equity x3
5 Cloud 283.5x Buster End Lv. 5 Octaslash x3
6 Yoshikiri (Brave Shift) 270x Ninjutsu: Hakairyoku Bolting Strike x3 -AoE-
7 Awakened Dragon Akstar (Brave Shift) 260x Ice Death Blade – Falling Star Frost Absolute Mirror of Equity x2
8 Balthier (Brave Shift) 250x Lightning Punishment Bolt II > Booming Penalty Bolting Strike x3
9 Rico Rodriguez 240x Army of Chaos Bolting Strike x6 -Random Targets-
10 Cloud (FFVII REMAKE) (Brave Shift) 235.5x Triple Slash > Spinning Slash (FFVII REMAKE) Lv. 5 Stardust Ray x3 -ST/AoE-
11 Rain -Neo Vision- (Brave Shift) 228x Ash Blade Lv. 5 Stardust Ray x3
12 Aerith (FFVII REMAKE) (Brave Shift) 225x Light Ray of Judgment Lv. 5 Chaos Wave Awakened x3
13 Tifa 216x Meteor Crusher Lv. 5 Stardust Ray x3
14 Umbral Dragon Dark Fina 200.8x Dark Dark Megaflare > Dark Impact Chaos Wave Awakened x3
15 Serah 172x Earth Snort (Typhon) <10 EP> > Stonga Rain Chaos Wave Awakened x3 -AoE-
16 Angel of Death Kuja 169x Fire -OR- Light Warfare > Solar Onslaught -OR- Crusade > Astral Onslaught Chaos Wave Awakened x3
17 War Hero Raegen 162x Octostrike Blade (Od) Absolute Mirror of Equity x3
18 Wild Card Ace 159x Burst++ Bolting Strike x3
19 Dancing Heart Penelo 157x Fire Ardor > Mist Firaga Chaos Wave Awakened x3
20 Veritas of the Dark 156x Dark Blade of Vengeance+ Lv. 5 Stardust Ray x3
21 Red XIII 150x High Speed Fang Lv. 5 -OR- Killer Rave Lv. 5 Stardust Ray x3
22 Benevolent Beauty Rem 146x Seraphim Strike > Flying Daggers+ Bolting Strike x3
23 Selphie 141x Earth -OR- Water Slot Quake -OR- Slot Water Chaos Wave Awakened x3 -AoE-
24 Kitone 132x Dream Within a Dream++ -OR- Dream Within a Dream+ Absolute Mirror of Equity x3 -OR- Stardust Ray x3
25 Sterne Leonis 129.9x Hazard Spin Absolute Mirror of Equity x3 -AoE-

Upcoming NV/NVA Units from JP Data:

Unit Estimated Highest First Turn Chaining Mod
Aileen 198x
Sol -Neo Vision- 291x
Dark Fina 270x
Blossom Sage Sakura 161x
Firion -Neo Vision- 245x
Dark Knight Leon 270x
Summer Fina & Daisy 100x
Summer Folka & Citra 280x
Summer Fina & Lid 288x
Madam Edel -Neo Vision- 280x
Nalu 234x Hybrid
Sora (KHIII) 252x
Riku (KHIII) 284x
Kairi (KHIII) 249x
Physalis -Neo Vision- 300x (Requires full LB gauge)
Sacred Shield Charlotte 144x
Lotus Mage Fina 192x
Onion Knight -Neo Vision- 306x
Dark Knight Luneth 180x
Onion Knight Refia 216x
Terra -Neo Vision- 240x
Assassin Shadow 260x
Archmage Kefka 210x
Lasswell -Neo Vision- 328x
Kunshira 350x Hybrid
Locke -Neo Vision- 254x
Monk Sabin of Kolts 300x
King Edgar of Figaro 240x
Rain & Fina 300x
Lasswell & Raegen 254x
Charlotte & Physalis 251x
Lid & Jake 234x
Fina & Dark Fina 114x


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