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Fragments dungeon GL vs JP comparison : GL lose, and by far.


Since a few weeks, I'm looking at my NV/NVA pilling up, and the fact that the fragment dungeon haven't appeared for a while was bugging me.

From the start, I never liked the idea of a "event-type" fragment dungeon, without any fixed periodicity. Remembering the "amazing enhancement" events and its absence for something like a year was… Scary.

After asking for some informations here and making some calculations, I'll share my informations and conclusions.

I'd like to insist about the fact that because of a few avaible time, some numbers may not be perfectly accurate (number of weeks for instance). I'll try to be as close as possible, but if someone want to redo it with precise numbers, he'll be welcome to do a V2.

I'll use the assumption that we will be using a 6 months period: The first GL dungeon was in december. And I won't take into account the fact that this dungeon was delayed a lot in GL, JP got it with Firion's banner, wich was in october in GL. TO make the calculations simplier, I'll use 4,5 weeks/months as an average.

Dungeons Systems for GL and JP:


The fragment dungeon is a daily dungeon where you bring up to 5 NV/NVA units, and get a random number of fragment for each one, from 0 up to 3 fragments. JP players said that 3 were rare, and the average quantity is 1/unit/day. Please note that the rates were upgraded in JP, but I won't take them into account to be as simple as possible, and also to take the "worst scenario" possible.

It's also VERY important to note that JP players get a full "set" of fragments from login for each NV and NVA units, meaning 50 fragments for NV, and 25 for NVA.


The fragment dungeon is an event, announced to be run "every 2-3 months" but have been run 3 times in the last 6 months.

One run give 5 fragments/units/day, and it last 14 days (+2 for the last one, because of some bug).

GL players have partial "set" of fragments from login (30 and 20 for NV/NVA) but have a VIP shop where you can spend coins to buy those fragments, some pearls, tickets, etc. Fragments are avaible AFTER the banner have endend, and for a limited time.

A good calculation would be welcome for that, but VIP coins are gained from login, explorations, events, and adds. Number subject to caution: GL players get about 165 coins per week from explorations+adds (without missing a single one), and I'd say something like 100 from various sources (login bonus, events, etc). We'll say 300 coins in total by simplicity. The price is 20 coins/fragment.

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Simple and straightforward calculation for the dungeon itself:

Without taking into consideration anything other than the dungeon itself (login, etc), and by calculating the daily number of fragments for each:

JP: 5 fragments/day

GL: 25 fragments/day (350 fragments for the whole event)

It means that single run of the GL event, for 14 days, is worth 70 days of JP's dungeon.

GL dungeon is then better than JP's if GL players have it every 2 months, roughly, and if you forget everything else, mostly the login fragments.

GL got it trice in six months, meaning that with those informations and during this time, GL dungeon would be equal to JP's in value.

Wich is already a problem, as GL's system is WAY more circonvoluted, time-eating, and plagued by limited duration and a more intense grind.

Realistic and full comparison:

Let's use a table to make a comparison. those numbers are stated for a 6 months durations, considering:

– I'll try to estimate the weekly number of fragments for GL, as they come from a lot of sources because of VIP coins (adds, explorations, etc).

– One month = 4,5 weeks. 6 months = 27 weeks, for the full period (189 days).

– I'll say that each week in both JP and GL, we get 1 NV and 1 NVA only. It's a low assumpation as 2 NVA/weeks aren't rare, and no NVA is an exception. Please note that calculating thos way is in favor of GL, as it lower the fragments comming from login in JP.

– I'll use the "old" rates from JP's dungeon.

– GL got 3×14 days of dungeon, +2 because of some bug. 44 days in total.

– GL players buy the most possible fragments in the VIP shop, without considering anything else. As stated above, with and estimation of 300 coins/weeks, it's 15 fragments/week.

– I don't even know if JP have any other source for fragments, and won't take them into consideration. But it would increase the gap between GL and JP.

After Sinzar's informations, JP's current system rewards players for approximatively 1,5 fragments/day/units as average, daily. It was added around the time GL got it's dungeon. I'll add it to the table bellow as a second total row, for information. But I won't edit the full post with this information, just note that with JP's current system, the total amount is about the same. For information, the amounts goes from 1 to 3, with about 60% estimated chances to get 1 fragment, around 35% for 2.

Dungeon runs : 945 1100
Login bonus : 2025 1350
VIP shop : 405 675
TOTAL: 2970 2855 3125
JP's current rewards/run + 94 (total: 3064)
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If you take into consideration only the number of fragments, JP is better almost the same than GL for what we already had. Even if GL got the dungeon tommorow, it wouldn't change the fact that for the last 6 months, JP's system was equivalent just for the sheer number of fragments. GL could become better in the futur, but it's not what we are comparing right now.

But it's far from over. We can make a list of things that makes GL's system even worse, and it's my own opinion that may be not shared, those things are even worse than the simple fragments number.

– Fragments aren't buyable in GL until the banner have ended. It means that pulling a NV will make you wait a least 2 weeks to upgrade it to EX1 (obviously, without pulling a dupe). And the moment a unit is the most usefull is durinf it's own event, even more since the appearance of EX bonuses. And of course, the frustration is a obvious and painful issue.

– Not having a full set of fragments for a NVA unit means that if you already have a STMR'd unit, you won't be able to upgrade it until you either pull a dupe, or wait for 2 weeks. You will be 5 fragments short. More than NV, NVA are usefull almost only during their event, and the majority isn't even worth a single fight outside of this event.

– I won't say too much about how the GL's system is so much complicated and circonvoluted, it's obvious. It's hard to understand, you have to manage A LOT of things, be carefull about the avaibility, etc.

– JP get 25 more fragments for each weekly banner. VIP coins allow players to buy 15 fragments/week. VIP system give less fragments as a whole, if you're a F2P of course.

– The fact that fragments aren't avaible after a determined time in the VIP shop is a real issue. If today, you pull for instance your first Terra, you don't have ANY WAY to EX+1 her unless you bought her coins few months ago or until you pull her again. And even if you bought it, the spent VIP coins could have been used for another unit (let's say Noctis or whatever).

– Missing a single day of GL's dungeon cost you 25 fragments. In JP, you'd lose 5. Because of personnal reasons, time, or even because like we saw the dungeon's banner was at the bottom like during last event, losing a single day of GL dungeon is VERY painfull, and have a lot of consequences.

– GL's system depends of players doing every daily adds, every expeditions, and is a way more intense grind than running a single dungeon everyday. The amount of time needed is way more important.

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– The fact that GL's system give more in a very short time, with a random periodicity, make the planning very time-consuming and GL players have to manage wich unit they will run almost everyday. Myself, as I don't have a spreadsheet or else, I have to take about 10mn each day to check wich units I will run, wich one can get enough during the event, etc.

– Having dozens of units with 30 or 20 fragments is a pain to manage in the inventory. Mine is clustered with set of 30/20 fragments, and mostly with fragments for STMR'd 7* units I can't awaken because I miss 5 fragments. And even pulling NVA dupes will let you with left-over fragments if you don't buy it in the VIP shop or run the unit the dungeon once awakened, just to get rid of it. And a set of 20 fragments is basically worthless for a NVA.

But to be honest, there is one point I see where GL's system is better than JP:

– You can buy 2 red pearls each month. But at the cost of fragments, and I honestly don't know if JP have any source for them curently.

TLDR: as it is, and unless GL's dungeon is run each 8 weeks in a regular basis, GL's version is strictly worse. More complicated, more time consuming, totally random (periodicity), and give less fragments as a whole in my opinion.

And if we take into consideration the fact that JP improved its version by increasing rates some time ago, JP's dungeon became WAY better than GL's.


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