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Friend unit crashes game

Content of the article: "Friend unit crashes game"

This is a follow-up to my previous thread

I was advised it would be fixed with today's release of the game.

Background: it seems that if you had a friend NV unit that had TDH on their main form and TDW on their BS form, the BS form was showing incorrect weapons. The left box was showing a duplicate weapon from their first form, and the right box showed one of the BS weapons as expected.

Gumi said they would fix it with the latest release but the bug has changed since they seem to have done a incomplete fix. I advised them the but was difficult to see as a single player unless you had a real life friend who could show you their screenshots of their friend units. As such even Gumi didn't believe it was an issue. For this reason I demonstrated the most obvious case where this occurs, and it was when a 2 handed weapon was also showing next to a 1 handed weapon on the BS form. This is obviously wrong and it seems they agreed. The problem is they fixed only this part.

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What happens now: while 2 handed weapons no longer show next to 1 handed ones on the same form, there is now an empty slot where the 2 handed weapon was. This 2 handed weapon was duplicated from the units normal form into their shift form, and now is showing as empty. If I click on the empty slot my game crashes. The same happens to my friend.

If you want to try this for yourself scan through your friends for a NV unit and swap to their BS form. Click any empty weapon slots. It's easier to see on NV cloud since he is TDH in his main form and TDW on BS. I'm not convinced it's only happening to TDH units since the problem was originally noticed when I tried to use my friends Tifa but the brave shift form showed two Premium Hearts and my friend only had one.


Awaiting Gumi's response…

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