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Friend unit wrong weapon bug

Content of the article: "Friend unit wrong weapon bug"

Note: Bug was reported to Gumi WITH a video and they replied saying there's no problem lol. Here's the video (I click 5 times on the problematic equipment)

Hi. This is something that's been happening for a few weeks between me and my friend. At least I've only been able to prove it with them. I had my NV cloud's regular form equipped with Lion Heart+. His Brave Shift geared with a Darksteel Destroyer and Searing Ember. My friend wanted a fire weapon so I replaced Searing Ember with Flame Blade Agni. I exited out of the companion sharing window and pressed home. Once it had saved I even exited the game. He force closed his game and went back in but somehow the brave shift cloud now had two of Lion Heart +. That's impossible since both are two handed weapons. Not only that but the Brave Shift form weapons I had were totally different. We gave up.

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Today I asked him to gear me up his Tifa BS with Premium heart and NYX dagger. He did and I've seen screenshots. Now I'm trying the behemoth trial and he has two premium hearts on! His normal form has a Premium heart and a different weapon.

Is anyone else experiencing this? At first I wondered if the problem was purely visual but I'm wondering if the weapon is being duplicated instead, along with its properties. I'm using Claik's OTKO strat on Behemoth and long story short, I tested it solo with my own Tifa without a fire wep and did 1.2 billion, when I used NYX dagger I did 3.4 billion. When I use my friends Tifa one of us does 1.2 billion so I don't think it's visual.

Update: it seems all friend units are screwed up. The ones I just checked have the same weapon on the brave shift that they do on their regular form. Even units which normally TDW in their second form have their TDH weapon on instead.

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This may be unrelated but I also noticed that some of my friends crash my game when I click on their BS icon when looking at their equipment. This has happened for maybe a month.

Were both using the Amazon version of FFBE on Android.


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