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Furcula’s FFBE damage spreadsheet

Hey guys, it's me again, with a new spreadsheet, and what'll hopefully be the last major change for a while.

Spreadsheet Link

There are a few changes associated with the migration and I will list the major ones down below along with their rationale. Please see the assumptions page on the spreadsheet for full details.

Team support assumptions changed

With the current meta, it's not uncommon to have external chains/bringing 3 DPS/use a tag chainer to a trial fight, and often times, it is required to meet the kill by turn x mission. Therefore, a few assumptions have been changed.

External chaining is available to all units if needed. Therefore, if they need to cap a finisher/LB in their rotation, that is allowed. On top of that, there is now a 15 LB cryst/turn support to better reflect what may happen in a fight. With increasing number of units being able to generate LB crysts, and an increasing number of NV units wanting to use their LBs, something had to change. It's unrealistic to allow full LB every turn, but it's also unrealistic to not give something to them. Therefore, 15 LB crysts/turn was settled upon and this reflects the type of support you may actually have in a fight.

TLDR: Units allowed to cap skills in rotation. More LB cryst generation support.

Killers calculations are gone

The work required to maintain the previous sheet was simply too much for the time I had on hand. I knew it was ambitious to start out with and having to build 12 additional builds for each unit (36 for hybrids) ended up being way too time consuming.

Instead, a STMR burst column is created to show damage against a raceless enemy and this will be mostly applicable just for DV. There are a few things to note here. Zidane is coming out and his STMR will be a staple in future DVs, to make the sheet more future proof, Zidane STMR is applied to all units (300% stats and LB buff), which also gives them a leveling playing field. Do keep in mind that this also means that some units like Ibara will have an inflated number until Zidane comes out in a month or two.

Weapon imperils, elemental amps are not included as part of the calculations as they may vary with future unit availability so do please keep that in mind. Luckily, those are simple multipliers that you can tag on so it shouldn't be too difficult to figure out.

You will also find that if a unit is locked onto an element, the element will be displayed beside their burst.

Evoke damage has also been divided by 4 to give a better reflection of where their damage will sit in comparison. This is applicable throughout the entire sheet.

If you will miss this killers calculations though, don't get too discouraged yet. There's something else that is being worked on by a couple people that will hopefully be able to display damage with any build you input once it comes out.

TLDR: Raceless burst replaced individual killers due to time needed. Zidane STMR assumed in calculations. No weapon imperils/ele amps. Evoke damage divided by 4.

Build assumption change

With increasing availability of STMR moogles/fragments and units like Fang. All units are now allowed 1 copy of their STMR for normal (non-STMR) builds.

For normal builds, they are also allowed any lvl 10 non-limited vision card.

Format streamlining

Each individual sheet has been made to be more streamlined/automated and easier to work this. This will should help if you ever decided to make a copy for yourself to play around with.

Individual unit pages are hyperlinked to their name on the comparison page for easier navigation.

Also changed blue for physical and red for physical because Alim

Bot commands

If you're on the main FFBE discord, the following bot commands are now available thanks to Roy's Judge Bot. Commands available now include:

$dpt for normal DPT

$wdpt for STMR DPT

$burst for STMR burst

More commands will be available in the soon future such as rotations etc.

If you noticed anything wrong/broken, do please let me know. JP units will be added to the sheet as well to catch up to the current JP banner for planning purposes. Do note their numbers may change as we get them in GL due to build differences/number tweaks.

As always, there are other sheets out there available with different assumptions if you want to get a 2nd or 3rd opinion (which I do suggest you do). Hopefully this will help you in the coming future!


Spreadsheet Link


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