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GL Gacha Megathread FFBE Featured Summon: (CG) NV Starlight Elena, NVA Loren (9/24~10/07)

Content of the article: "GL Gacha Megathread FFBE Featured Summon: (CG) NV Starlight Elena, NVA Loren (9/24~10/07)"

GL Version Only
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  • Duration: 9/24 EoM ~ 10/07 SoM
  • Announcement: Banner

Note: EoM = End of Maintenance | SoM = Start of Maintenance

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  • Pull Rates:
    1.25% Neo Vision, Rainbow 8.75%, Gold 45%, Blue 45%.
  • A Vision Cards drops when pulling a Neo Vision Crystal (Non-Unit Specific only).
  • Pool is reduced (Selected older units are removed).
  • Deal: Bonus 11 Summons for every 3x 11 Summons
Unit Name Wiki Rarity Rates (+1) C.F.           TMR                     STMR          
(CG) Starlight Elena Link NV 1% Astraea Aurora +140 ATK, +120 MAG Elena Only: +50% EQ ATK/MAG w/ DW (TDW) (Unstackable) Azure Radiance (25% Acc) +150% EQ ATK/MAG w/ DH (TDH)
Loren Link 5-NV 1.5% Awesome Swordsman Dual Wield & +15% ATK w/ Dagger, Sword, Greatsword and/or Katana Chrome Sphene +170 ATK, +20 DEF/SPR

*: Rates for the +1 of a 5k Pull or 4★ Ticket. | Rates. | Rates are also visible in-game.

Starlight Elena's Vision Card

Azure Successor (Starlight Elena's EX+1/EX+3)

  • Level 1: +35 ATK/MAG
  • Level 10: +60 ATK/MAG


  • Lv.4: +20% ATK/MAG
  • Lv.7: +20% ATK/MAG
  • Lv.10: +50% LB Damage (Female Only)

Neo Value Step-Up Summon

Source: Link
Duration: 9/28 01:00 ~ 9/30 21:00 PDT

Step Cost Pulls Perk
Step 1 2000 4+1 NV Rate: 1.25%
Step 2 3000 6+1 NV Rate: 1.5%
Step 3 4000 8+2 NV Rate: 2%
Step 4 5000 9+2 NV Rate: 2.5% 1x 1/10 NV Summon Ticket

Note: +X is a 5 Star+ | One lap per person

Only certain units added to the game up to and including September 24, 2020 will be included in the summon pool. Limited time and collaboration units are not included in the summon pool.


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