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[GL] Grand Chaos: BUDGET* Fang 3 Turn KO Strategy

What up.

This is essentially the best budget option for a turn 3 clear using a single unit as a carry I could come up with, but I'm a known poopy brain so better alternatives might show up.

First some info about the enemy

  1. The enemy cannot be def/spr broken
  2. The enemy does around the area of 10k damage over the three turn period, so regens or building for higher HP helps out
  3. The currency bonus for damage dealt caps at 100 Million damage
  4. The Event Points Bonus reaches the cap when you kill the boss (~1Billion HP), for a total of 15,000 Event points. This seems to correlate to the % of damage you deal, so 100m damage = 1500 Event Points.

This build does have a few assumptions, so I will get to those. Complaints about these assumptions will be summarily looked at and glossed over, so you are fairly warned.

Assumption 1: YOU HAVE FANG'S STM



The build is variable to a degree, for example you can use the chocopro hat instead of Ceourl's headpiece. Does it make a big difference? Hell if I know, I didn't use builder for this, I just got bored.

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War Goddess Insignia by the way is the first 40% atk materia I saw when building, so it is absolutely interchangeable with something else. A killer? sure. Another jump stm (cough reberta) definitely.

Graceful Champion Fang build imgur album

R.Hand L.Hand Materia1 Materia2
Longinus (FFBE) Dark Ragnarok+ Memories of Ragnarok Dual Form
Head Body Materia3 Materia4
Ceourl's Headpiece Red & Black Battle Dress+ War Goddess Insignia+ Beast Killer
Dragon's Crest (FFBE) Dragon's Brush

The esper is of course Ifrit.

This build brings her to the following statistics

  • 3495 atk

  • 700% Jump Damage

  • 200% True Dual Wield (I think I forget actually)

  • 250% beast killer

The strategy would prefer if you have two chainers who can either naturally chain EARTH or WIND or can equip weapons that give them these elements.

Turn 1: Fang can imbue herself with EITHER Cyclone Dive (Wind) or Earth Dive (Earth) and follow up with Gestalt Mode.

This will imbue her to the chosen element, Imperil the enemy by 80% to the chosen element, buff her own attack and damage to beasts

The rest of your units can do anything idk lol. The green magic Imperil found on a few espers will bump the resulting damage up a bit. Likewise someone who can inflict disease (essentially a 10% break) will help out since he's susceptible to that.

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Turn 2 is just fang jumping. Chainers can chain or whatever to try to eke out a bit of damage to widen the safety net for fang's landing. If you do so, be mindful of MP costs.

Turn 3 is just making her land during a chain. Fang has the x6 chain cap when she is fully enhanced, so practice keeping a chain long enough so the indicator stays at 300% for a little bit after it hits 300% to get the most out of her.

This build uses the chocopro hat. Sound is low because recording software is fucking weird.

I'll be around lookin for mistakes I made, so point em out.


This other post details a more bonus team oriented run (credit to u/gwythian) (is crediting usernames or linking to other threads bueno? we'll find out.)

As you can see this strategy is functional across all levels, and by any means if you can find better gear that what's on my build, as this poster has, go for it. I was aiming for a reasonable minimum and I think I hit it.


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