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GL/JP Comparison : Mag Tank – Melia vs Beatrix!

Hi all! Back at the same old thing That I was doing before with Faisy and Beatrix. This past week, we saw a release of a GLEX Magic Tank, in the form of Melia, basically an easter bunny and sylvie's NV form

Now a lot of people have gone back and forth about what to do and whether or not to summon. I decided to use the same system I used on the last post I made about mag tanks in comparing them. One thing to keep in mind here is that EX1 Beatrix is completely free, with EX2/3 Beatrix well on the way for most players. As an important note, Beatrix's reforged Save The Queen II is technically a limited event equipment that must be obtained during the Moogle King event, as the recipe and unique material are purchased from there.


Melia almost unanimously wins this, shes got a very thick support kit, basically able to do everything Faisy does with a few exceptions. Now the big problem with what Melia does differently, is that its either mediocre, very easily covered by someone or something else, or limited in use. Melia has a really good kit in all honesty, its just a bit worse and harder in the first few turns of a fight to get going compared to Faisy. Her heals are all fixed, which bodes EXTREMELY poorly when comparing her heals to Beatrix, who can use her High SPR and maybe a Lenna TMR to heal pretty well with Curaga (18kish heals) Melia, in respect, heals at max 3000 HP per turn, +5%/10% as a counter per turn. Melia has a damage form and so does beatrix, with even similar chaining families. Beatrix is primarily thunder based, but she has a rather powerful 80% Def/Spr break with SR frames (64x mod, 74 after CD) and 72x on the thunder chain. She can Cap, effectively, with a 100/120x modifier x3. Combine this with Decently high attack and it being on a separate form, and the ability to dispel her own cover at will, she comes off tanking with a punch very well.

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Melia's DPS form continues to tank, and is limited to T-SR or T-BS, and has some minor support such as imbuing a single ally and Amping. Where Melia really takes some head against Beatrix is when she uses her racial mitigation, which is effective in only a few trials so far given that its strictly magical beast. However, a large lack in her kit is that there is no barriers, and Beatrix consistently (and at will application) has a 5000 HP barrier. Melia takes some lead and preference however, in that she has 85% element resist buffs for every single element. Beatrix however, doesnt have as many needs in kit, so she spends a lot of materia on element resist buffs, and you can make it up with an esper barga buff for the elements you need with the green magic buff. Much easier to compensate for.

The numbers, EHP

The builds I use are this: for beatrix Build and This : For Melia Build

Now as you can see, preliminary eHP before cover and etc, They are very close. I assume they are using their in kit things, so Beatrix has a 5000 Barrier with 250% Spr buff, while Melia has her full 400% Spr buff. They are extreme top end builds using all equipment available in both servers for this. The only major thing that makes a difference for Beatrix is a single JP-Yoshikiri STM, the rest is just HP 50% materia. After adjusting for bahamut, Melia's eHP comes out to 303,517,799, with some very focused gear and 2 Poppy TMs to cap out her SPR. Beatrix, with 10% HP applied to her TM, has an eHP of 315,070,350 at the top end using her barrier and 250% buff. Onto mitigations!

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Melia has 1 turn 90%/ 3 turn 75% mag Mitigation, with 75% general mitigation on a 3/5 uptime, while Beatrix has full uptime on 50% mag mit, with 85% General mitigation. Taking the average and assuming Shellga +2 is used to fill the offtime, Melia has an average mag mitigation of 68% (if you assume 30% automit, she comes out to exactly 50% average mit). This is about the only "easy" way to calculate this, but I'll be giving her respective Average eHP at each mitigation level. She requires a fill in from the party to cover the 2 turns she doesnt have magic mitigation, which is a glaring hole in her kit. One of the few holes, but its there. Some thing thats hard to calculate for but is worth mentioning, is that Beatrix has 100% cover chance, while Melia is still rocking the 80% that our good friend Faisy was using.

Melia eHP <90%> : 43,511,038,400 (299,138,389/{.275x.1x.25}) <75%> : 17,404,415,360 <68%> : 13,597,199,500

Beatrix eHP: 15,276,138,181 (315070350/{.275x.15x.5}) If Beatrix guards, 30,552,276,362

To no surprise, Melia ends up over taking Beatrix with her Area Up and her 90% mitigation, it gets closer as the Area effect falls off and the big mitigation turn is over, when she drops down to 17.4b ehp. Some things to consider about these two that doesnt involve eHP: Beatrix has a 4 turn 75% mitigation that she can put up for the party, which includes a stack of Rune/Nethicite, and that can be key to avoiding some very nasty things in a particular trial, say, a dispelga that can be sealed. Melia on the other hand, has 250% stat and 55% mitigation that just plain cant get dispelled in the first place. Another thing to consider, is that if Melia dies, she is locked out of her brave shift for 2 turns and then must apply her 75% self mitigation using her provoke skill. Beatrix, has at will shifting and can go immediately back into shift with no problems, reapplying her self mit and cover without incurring provoke. It's just about as equally as hard for both units to set back up, so no real comparison there.

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All in all, Beatrix will probably keep up the better fight overall, able to keep herself up and keep herself healed up with little issues, while Melia will fare better in those "I have a great big nuke named Tera-giga-ultra-flare that one shots everything" type moments. It's also worth noting that Beatrix has Holy for capping, which is a pretty fun thing and that Melia has to equip holy wand to use it. With the rework, its decently powerful but nothing to truly write home about unless you have some massive MP builds.

Small edit note: This assumes Melia has her Area effect up at all times. During turns when its down, depending on when those turns fall, her ehp is this respectively: 40,121,446,690 / 16,048,578,676 / 12,537,952,090


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