Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

GL Maintenance 05/06 (whats ending and when)

Beware of Daylight Saving Time

As always, beware of early or delayed maintenance.

This maintenance is scheduled to last 8 hours and started 4 hours before usual daily reset. Be sure to empty all arena orbs and NRG, and keep an eye on your Rank EXP and Expeditions to maximize your resources.

Maintenance by TimeZone

See your own timezone –>usual time

In game countdown –> Daily Quest Countdown –> maintenance start when the countdown hit 04.00.00

Additional Reminder

End in maintenance

  • Mog King shop FFXV Event Dungeon – End of Days MK shop

  • Event Brawler from the Below the Depths – Kyros

    • Daily Bonus Challenge – Brawler Unbound
  • Event Unit Intro Quest – King Behemy

  • Event Dark Visions

  • Event Dark Visions Login Bonus

  • Event Fated Friends Login Bonus (Friday)

  • Event Challenge of The Brave

    • Transcendent Heroes (GLEX)
    • Guardian of the Planet II (NV Aerith, NVA Cloud, NVA RedXIII)
    • Those who Govern Freedom and Duty (NV Gabranth, NVA Balthier)
    • Master of Magic (NV Sol, NVA Dark Fina, NVA BS Sakura)
    • Pillars of Strength (NV Physalis, NVA LM Fina, NVA SS Charlotte)
    • Farplane Wanderer II (NV Dark Fina&Sol, NV Akstar dan Cleome, NVA Draconian Princess Fina)
    • Resolute Will (NV Mazurka, NVA Raegen)
  • Banner FFBE (King Behemy, Poppy)

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King BehemyCG Pone
  • Banner FFBE King Behemy Treasure Summon

  • Banner FFXV Free Weekly 10+1 Summon (third part)

  • Banner Dark Visions XIII Ticket Summon

  • Weekly Chamber of Challenge (Door Pots) + Arena

  • Weekly Expeditions Relic

Start after Maintenance

  • All the thing with ardyn

    • raid
    • unit intro quest
    • banner
    • summon coins
    • vision card
    • chronicle battle
    • treasure summon
    • login bonus
  • Weekly Chamber of Challenge (Door Pots)

Start Friday

  • Weekly Cactuar Dunes and Gil Snapper

End next Week

  • soon

Note : i create this on the phone (dont have access to computer for now, RIP laptop, you've done so much) so it isnt complete. I will complete it later around 17 hours from posting. I just write whats ending and start on maint. Everything else will add later. Sorry 🙂


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