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GL News – 10/14 Maint, FFBE Banner/Raid, Scorn of Antenolla EXT & more

Content of the article: "GL News – 10/14 Maint, FFBE Banner/Raid, Scorn of Antenolla EXT & more"



FFBE Banner – NV M Edel, NVA Nalu, BM Lexa & RM Elbis

  • Source: Link
  • Banner period: Thursday 10/15 EoM – Wednesday 10/28 SoM PDT
  • Featured units:
Unit Rarity TMR STMR
Madam Edel -Neo Vision- NV Shining Arts Fundamentals Materia +50% LB damage +50% TDW ATK Scarlet Gloves 1H Fist ATK +188 +50% LB damage +250% ATK buff (3 turns) at the beginning/after revived
Nalu 5★-NV Swift Hunter Materia +25% ATK +50% TDH ATK Vajrayna 2H Lightning Spear ATK +175
Blossomed Mage Lexa 5-7★ Easy, Breezy, Stewardess Materia +40% MAG/+20% SPR with Rod +30% Wind resist Tempest Rod 1H Rod ATK +14, MAG +170 +4 LB gauge every turn +10% Wind amplify
Relentless Might Elbis 5-7★ Powerful Steward of Flame Materia +50% ATK with Greatsword +20% HP with Clothes +30% Fire resist Blazing Blade Agni 2H Fire Greatsword ATK +173 +30% LB damage

New Vision Card

  • Source: Link

  • Madam and the Giant Bird, Bennu

    Obtainable from: awaken NV Madam Edel to EX+1 / EX+3 Lv 1: +40 Base ATK Lv 10: +100 Base ATK Passives: Lv 4: +50% ATK with Fist Lv 7: +50% ATK with Fist Lv 10: (FFBE units only) +30% ATK 


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  • Source: Link
  • Event period: Thursday 10/15 EoM – Wednesday 10/28 SoM PDT
  • Box summon period: Thursday 10/15 EoM – Wednesday 11/4 SoM PDT
  • JP megathread: Link
  • Featured gear:
    • Lady's Pipe, accessory, HP +100, ATK +40, +100% Confuse resist
    • Steward's White Gloves, accessory, ATK +18, DEF +12, +10% Fire resist, +10% TDH ATK
    • Steward's Tiny Hat, hat, MAG +23, SPR +7, +15% TDH MAG
    • Adventure Seeker, materia, +40% ATK with Fist, +200% ATK buff (3 turns) when HP<81% (max: 1)
    • Crushing Stone, materia, +20% MAG, +50% M Stone killer  
  • Bonus units:
    • +60%: NV Madam Edel, Nalu, PG Lasswell
    • +40%: 5-7★ BM Lexa, RM Elbis
    • +20%: 5-7★ UW Edel, Nalu, LS Shinju, SS Pecciotta, Madam Edel, PG/HK/Aloha/MI Lasswell
    • +10%: other Madam Edel's Steward units, Almaz, Lasswell, Winkel

Daily Bonus Challenge – Blue Practice Robot EXT

  • Can be cleared once a day for crafting mats.
  • Cannot bring a friend unit.
  • Can only use FFBE units.
  • Craftable gear:
    • Untamed Gauntlets, 1H fist, ATK +141, +20% Ice/Dark resist

Brave Insignia Farming Stages

  • Treasured Bonds (for NV Madam Edel & NVA Nalu)
  • Guardians of the Planets (for NV Cloud (FFVII REMAKE) & NVA Tifa)


FFII Exploration – Mysidian Tower

  • Source: Link
  • Event period: Thursday 10/15 EoM – Wednesday 10/21 SoM PDT
  • Gamepedia page: Link


Scorn of Antenolla EXT

  • Source: Link
  • Available after maintenance
  • JP Megathread: Link
  • Sinzar's early tips: Link
Mission Reward
Clear the quest 100 Lapis Thorned Mace++ 1H Mace ATK +178, MAG +20 +100% Poison inflict, +30% Petrify inflict +75% man-eater+
No items 50% ALL Trust Moogle
Evoke an esper 1x 5★ Select Summon Ticket
Clear within 20 turns 5x STMR Ticket
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  • Grand Soiree Login Bonus
    Period: Thursday 10/15 EoM – Wednesday 10/21 SoM PDT

    30x Madam Edel -Neo Vision- Fragment 20x Nalu Fragment 100 Lapis 1x Ascension Pearl 
  • Daily Gil Hunt
    Available after maintenance.
    The Daily Gil Hunt is only available once a day and will reset daily.
    Clear the hunt daily to obtain at least 5 Gil Snapper Families or the rare chance of encountering a Gil Snapper Tower!


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