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GL News – 11/4 Maint, FFBE Banner (NV Sol) & Story Event

Content of the article: "GL News – 11/4 Maint, FFBE Banner (NV Sol) & Story Event"



FFBE Banner (NV Sol, BS Sakura & Dark Fina)

  • Source: Link
  • Banner period: Thursday 11/5 EoM – Wednesday 11/18 SoM PST
  • Featured units:
Unit Rarity TMR STMR
Sol -Neo Vision- NV Evil Vanguard Materia +30% MP +?% TDH MAG Astral Rod Rod MAG +184 +5% MP refresh At the start of battle/after revived: 200% MAG buff for 1 turn Next turn: 250% MAG buff for 3 turns
Blossom Sage Sakura 5★-NV Sage of Mysidia Materia +40% MAG, +20% MP +2 LB gauge per turn Sakura's Robe Robe DEF +14, MAG +77, SPR +42 +1 LB gauge per turn
Dark Fina 5★-NV Dark Bond Materia +30% MAG with Rod +20% MAG with Robe Amiculum Nigra Robe (female unit only) DEF+ 30, MAG/SPR +72 +30% MP +5% MP refresh +100% Sleep/Paralysis resist
  • NV Sol's LB animation:

  • NV Sol's intro quest: Link

  • Banner deal:

    • Get one guaranteed 5★/NV with every 11-summon (FEATURED UNITS NOT GUARANTEED!)
    • Get one Summon Coin (Sol-NV-) with every 11-summon
      The Summon Coin can be exchanged in the Exchange Shop (NV Sol is sold in the shop)
      Source: Link
      Exchange Period: Thursday 11/5 EoM – Wednesday 11/25 SoM PST
    • Get one random reward from Panel Summon with every 11-summon

New Vision Card

  • Source: Link

  • The Heartless Sage

    Obtainable from: awaken NV Sol to EX+1 / EX+3 Lvl 1: +40 base MAG Lvl 10: +100 base MAG Passive skills: Lvl 4: +50% MAG with Rod Lvl 7: +50% MAG with Rod Lvl 10: (FFBE unit only) +30% MAG 


Story Event – The Curse of Betrayal

  • Source: Link
  • Event period: Thursday 11/5 EoM – Wednesday 11/18 SoM PST
  • JP megathread: Link
  • Free unit: 5-7★ Alhena
    TMR: Taboo Cloak, accessory, DEF +12, MAG +40, +30% Fire resist
    STMR: The Mage of Sin and Taboos, materia, +20% MAG, +50% TDH MAG, +25% TDW MAG
  • Featured gear:
    • Sinner's Burden++, accessory, MAG +30, +30% Wind resist, +50% TDH MAG
    • (Note: no mention of this materia in the news)
      破魔の植物, materia, +50% M Demon killer


Bonus Stage – Companion Battles

  • Event period: Thursday 11/5 EoM – Wednesday 11/18 SoM PST
  • Rewards: 100% Trust Moogle for BS Sakura and Dark Fina


Enhancement Material Collection Quest

  • Event period: Thursday 11/5 EoM – Wednesday 11/18 SoM PST
  • Clear the quest daily to obtain mats to craft the featured gear


Challenge of the Brave (Insignia Farming)

  • Masters of Magic: NV Sol, NVA BS Sakura & NVA Dark Fina
  • Guardians of the Planet II: (NV Aerith, NVA Cloud & NVA Red XIII) (1 week only)
  • Those who Govern Freedom and Duty: (NV Gabranth & NVA Balthier) (1 week only)


Sunny Fall Login Bonus

  • Source: Link
  • Period: Thursday 11/5 EoM – Wednesday 11/11 SoM PST

    30x Sol -Neo Vision- Fragment 20x Dark Fina Fragment 20x Blossom Sage Sakura Fragment 100 Lapis 1x Ascension Pearl 


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