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GL News – 3/24 Maint, WOTV FFBE Banner/IW Event, Dark Visions #12, Story Update, Unit Revamp and more


  • Source: Link
  • Period: Wednesday 3/24 21:00 – Thursday 3/25 06:00 PDT (9 hours)


WOTV FFBE Banner – NV Vinera Fennes

  • Source: Link
  • Banner period: Thursday 3/25 EoM – Wednesday 4/7 SoM PDT
  • Featured units: (limited time only)
Unit Rarity TMR STMR
Vinera Fennes NV Bewitching Heels Accessory HP +182, ATK +40, DEF +7 +?% P Human killer +?% physical dodge Fallen Moon Materia +70% ATK +?% LB damage +?% physical dodge
Sterne Leonis 5-7★ Fated Prince Materia +50% ATK +50% TDH ATK Lion Armor Light armor HP +434, ATK/DEF +38 +50% LB damage +50% Dark resist
Kitone 5-7★ Saiga Gauntlet Accessory HP +142, ATK +43, DEF +26 +20% physical dodge Night-Blooming Flower Materia +70% ATK +25% TDW ATK +60% Lightning resist
Gilgamesh (WOTV FFBE) 5-7★ Helmet of the Sworn Helm ATK/MAG +45, DEF/SPR +25 Wings that Transcend Time Materia +60% ATK/MAG +50% TDW ATK/MAG
  • Banner deal:

    • Every 11 summon will guarantee one 5★ or NV (FEATURED UNITS NOT GUARANTEED).
    • Every 11 summon will give one Summon Coin (Vinera Fennes).
      The Summon Coin can be exchanged in the Exchange Shop.
      Source: Link
      Exchange Period: Thursday 3/25 EoM – Wednesday 4/14 SoM PDT
    • Get one free 11 summon for every 3x 11 summon

WOTV FFBE Treasure Summon

  • Source: Link
  • Banner period: Thursday 3/25 EoM – Wednesday 4/7 SoM PDT

Players can perform one 10+1 summon with ONE GUARANTEED 5★/NV unit. Players will also receive Summon Coin (Vinera Fennes) x1 and 1/10 NV Summon Ticket x1.

Rates to obtain the featured WOTV FFBE unit, Vinera Fennes, are boosted even higher in the WOTV FFBE Treasure Summon! (FEATURED UNITS NOT GUARANTEED)

New Vision Card

  • Source: Link

  • By Lord Dario's Side

    Obtainable from: awaken NV Vinera Fennes to EX+1 / EX+3 Lvl 1: +50 base ATK Lvl 10: +110 base ATK Passive skills: Lvl 4: +50% ATK with Dagger Lvl 7: +50% ATK with Dagger Lvl 10: (FFBE/WOTV FFBE units only) +?% P Human killer 
  • No Matter the Cost

    Obtainable from: Vision Card bundle Lvl 1: +40 base ATK, +20 base DEF Lvl 10: +60 base ATK, +30 base DEF Passive skills: Lvl 4: +15% Lightning/Earth resist Lvl 7: +15% Lightning/Earth resist Lvl 10: (FFBE units only) +20% ATK/DEF, +30% Lightning/Earth resist 


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WOTV FFBE Equipment Enhancement Event (IW)

  • Source: Link
  • Event period: Thursday 3/25 EoM – Wednesday 4/7 SoM PDT
  • Bonus units:

    • +100%: NV Vinera Fennes
    • +50%: Kitone, Sterne Leonis, Mont Leonis, Gilgamesh (WOTV FFBE)
Featured Gear Description Unique Rare
Twilight Oath Dark-elemental dagger ATK +130 +?% physical dodge +?% Poison inflict +30% ATK +?% TDW ATK
Sleep Blade (WOTV FFBE) 1H sword HP +41, ATK +115, DEF +43, MAG +63 +30% Sleep inflict +25% HP/ATK/DEF
Golden Blade (WOTV FFBE) 1H greatsword HP +41, ATK +142, MAG +10 +50% ATK
Sasuke's Katana (WOTV FFBE) 1H katana HP +85, ATK +118, MAG +68 +25% TDW ATK +30% ATK/MAG +?% LB fill rate
Excalibur (WOTV FFBE) 1H sword ATK +120, MAG +72 +40% ATK/MAG

WOTV FFBE Unit Intro Quests

  • Source: Link
  • Event period: Thursday 3/25 EoM – Wednesday 4/7 SoM PDT


Challenge of the Brave

  • Heroes of the Lapis Rebellion: NV Rain, NVA Dark Veritas, NVA Loren
  • Transcendent Heroes: GLEX NVs
  • A Race Against Time: NV SS Lightning, NVA R Lightning, NVA Lightning


Dark Visions #12

  • Source: Link
  • Event period: Thursday 3/25 EoM – Wednesday 4/7 SoM PDT
  • Note: new damage score cap (10b-1)
  • JP megathread: Link (Last boss might differ)
  • Monster skillsets: Link
  • Final bosses' stats: Link (subject to changes)


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FFV Exploration – Barrier Tower

  • Source: Link
  • Event period: Thursday 3/25 EoM – Wednesday 3/31 SoM PDT
  • Gamepedia guide: Link
  • Featured gear:

    • Gold Hairpin (FFV)) , MP +80, SPR +38, +30% MP, -10% MP cost
    • Blood Sword (FFV) <1H sword>, ATK +84, MAG +145, Enable Bloodthirsty Sword
      Bloodthirsty Sword (20 MP): Magic damage (18x, MAG) to one enemy, Restore 10% HP to caster


Story Update

  • Source: Link
  • Season III, Chapter 7, Part 2


Unit Revamp

  • Source: Link
  • Available after maintenance
  • The revamp of these units are probably the same as their JP counterpart enhancement & revamp.
  • JP pages for these units:

  • Note: for Sweet Luka, her JP version gets two ability awakening upgrades. The link above only shows her first upgrade, which matches the current GL revamp info.
    Her second awakening are for her elemental imbues. Her JP version is also revamped (AoE imbues).
    For her full awakening page, click here.



  • Deadly Seductress Login Bonus
    Period: Thursday 3/25 EoM – Friday 4/2 00:59 PDT

    1350 Lapis 100 VIP Coins 1x Ascension Pearl 30x Vinera Fennes Fragment 2x Perma-Premium 10+1 Summon Ticket (4★/5★) 1x Guaranteed Ticket (4★/5★/NV) 


  • Free Weekly 10+1 Summon Update

    The Free Weekly 10+1 Summon available from the end of maintenance, Thursday, 3/25 will be extended to the start of maintenance, Wednesday, 4/7 PDT.
    Players will be able to perform the summon once over the period.

    Time limited units released on March 25, 2021 will be included in the Free Weekly 10+1 Summon pool from end of maintenance, Thursday, 3/25 – start of maintenance, Wednesday, 4/7 PDT.


  • Bonus Present Ticket Summon

    A permanent summon will be available from 3/25 onwards!

    Players will be able to summon one of the following with a Bonus Present Ticket

    1x NV EX Ticket (5★/NV) 1x 1/10 NV Summon Ticket 1x 5★ Select Summon Ticket 1x Ascension Pearl 1x Transcension Pearl 2x 5★ Trust Moogle (ALL 10%) 10x Super Trust Moogle Exchange Ticket 1x 5★ Super Trust Moogle (ALL 50%) 500 Lapis 100 Lapis 

    Obtain Bonus Present Tickets by purchasing the Kindred Heroes' Adamantite Chest or Kindred Heroes' Crystal Chest in the bundle shop!



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