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GL News – 4/7 Maint, FFBE SE/Banner (NV Melo), Scorn of Erinyes, Black/White Magic Revamp & others



FFBE Banner – NV Melo

  • Source: Link
  • Banner period: Thursday 4/8 EoM – Wednesday 4/21 SoM PDT
  • Featured units:
Unit Rarity TMR STMR
Melo NV Black Mage Slacker +50% MAG, +50% LB damage Lazy Rod ATK +28, MAG +180, +50% LB damage
Ignacio 5★-NV Hero's Vow – Fire +30% ATK with Axe, +50% TDH ATK, +50% LB fill rate (Updated!) Ignition Axe <2H Fire Axe> ATK +201
Freesia 5-7★ Bashful White Mage +50% equip SPR when single-wielding a Staff Freesia's Staff ATK +17, MAG +106, SPR +164, +30% Light resist, +50% equipSPR when single-wielding a weapon
  • Banner deal:

    • Every 11 summon will guarantee one 5★ or NV (FEATURED UNITS NOT GUARANTEED).
    • Every 11 summon will give one Summon Coin (Melo-NV-) and one NV Exchange Ticket (Melo).
      The Summon Coin and the NV Exchange Ticket can be exchanged in the Exchange Shop.
      Source: Link
      Exchange Period: Thursday 4/8 EoM – Wednesday 4/28 SoM PDT
    • Get one random reward from Panel Summon with every 11-summon. UPDATED
    • FFBE Melo Treasure Summon (Premium banner).

New Vision Card

  • Source: Link

  • Face My Full Power!

    Obtainable from: awaken NV Melo to EX+1 / EX+3 Lvl 1: +40 base MAG Lvl 10: +100 base MAG Passive skills: Lvl 4: +40% MAG with Rod Lvl 7: +40% MAG with Rod Lvl 10: (FFBE units only) +15% Water amplify (permanent) 
  • The Dragon's Seal

    Obtainable from: Vision Card bundle Lvl 1: +40 base ATK, +20 base DEF Lvl 10: +60 base ATK, +30 base DEF Passive skills: Lvl 4: +15% Wind/Light resist Lvl 7: +15% Wind/Light resist Lvl 10: (FFBE units only) +20% ATK/DEF, +30% Wind/Light resist 


FFBE Story Event – A Hero's Return

  • Source: Link
  • Event period: Thursday 4/8 EoM – Wednesday 4/21 SoM PDT
  • JP megathread: Link
Featured Gear Description
Freesia's Poncho++ MAG/SPR +39, +50% TDW MAG, +20% Water/Dark resist
Facing the Past +50% M Undead killer

Challenge of the Brave

  • Hidden Passions – NV Melo, NVA Ignacio
  • Piercing Conviction – NV AD Akstar, NVA PG Lasswell, NVA Aileen
  • Caught Between Virtues and Vices – NV Firion, NVA DK Leon, NVA Emperor
  • Goddess of the Coast – NV Shoreline Fina/Daisy, NVA Summer Fina/Lid, NVA Summer Folka/Citra
  • At the Mercy of Magitek – NV Terra, NVA A Shadow, NVA A Kefka
  • Seekers of Peace – NV Lasswell, NVA Yuraisha, NVA Kunshira
  • Bound Across Time – NV SP Snow, NVA Serah


Scorn of the Erinyes

  • Source: Link
  • Available after maintenance.
  • JP megathread: Link
  • Sinzar's early tips: Link
INT Stage Reward
Clear the quest Erinyes Ring MAG/SPR +40, +50% MAG/SPR, Enable Quad-cast for black magic; 100 Lapis
No items 50% ALL Trust Moogle
Deal Wind damage 250x Trust Coin
Defeat with LB 1x 5★ Select Summon Ticket
ADV Stage Reward
Clear the quest Ghost Eater Sense +40% ATK/MAG, +75% M Undead killer; 200 Lapis
Evoke an esper 10x 50-energy Pot
No KO 5x STMR Ticket
Use 5 units or less 1x Rare Summon Ticket


Hare-Raising Horror

  • Source: Link
  • Event period: Thursday 4/8 EoM – Wednesday 4/14 SoM PDT
Mission Reward
Clear the quest Forest Protector's Mark++ (recipe) DEF +20, SPR +45, +20% Earth resist, +?% MP refresh, +5% HP, +10% SPR when equipping Woodland Wear++ 100 Lapis
Use 3 LBs or more Woodland Wear++ (recipe) MAG +20, SPR +65, +10% HP, +10% HP/SPR when equipping Evergreen Staff+
Do 3+ elemental chains in a turn Evergreen Staff (recipe) MAG +60, SPR +140, +10% HP, +10% HP/SPR when equipping Forest Protector's Mark++
No KO 10x Unit Fragment Exchange Ticket



  • Sluggish Sorcerer Login Bonus
    Period: Thursday 4/8 EoM – Friday 4/16 00:59 PDT

    30x Melo Fragment 20x Ignacio Fragment 100 Lapis 1x Rare Summon Ticket (3★/4★/5★/NV) 100 VIP Coin 


  • Black & White Magic Revamp

    We are implementing enhancements to the effects of certain black & white magic on 4/8.

    JP version: Link
    Or check out this comment here (u/TragGaming).

    Black Magic

    • Bio/Biora/Bioga
    • Firaga/Firaja
    • Blizzaga/Blizzaja
    • Thundaga/Thundaja
    • Waterga/Waterja
    • Aeroga/Aeroja
    • Stonga/Stonja
    • Darkga
    • Flood
    • Tornado
    • Comet

    White Magic

    • Full-Life
    • Banishga



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