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GL News – 9/2 Maintenance, FFVII Remake Banner/Raid and more

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  • Source: Link
  • Period: Wednesday 9/2 21:00 – Thursday 9/3 03:00 PDT (6 hours)


FFVII Remake Banner – NV Aerith, NVA Cloud & NVA Red XIII

  • Source: Link
  • Banner period: Thursday 9/3 EoM – Wednesday 9/16 SoM PDT
  • Featured units:
Unit Rarity TMR STMR
Aerith (FFVII REMAKE) NV A Prayer to Change the FutureMateria+40% MAG, +20% SPR+15% Fire/Ice/Lightning/Light resist Aerith's ClothesClothesDEF +28, MAG +80, SPR +70+50% TDH MAG
Cloud 5★-NV Buster StyleMateria+100% TDH ATK Ultima Weapon (FFVII)2H greatswordATK +180
Red XIII 5★-NV Seraph CombAccessoryATK +50+10% ATK, +20% MP Limited MoonAccessoryATK +60+30% MP+100% LB gauge fill rate
Rufus Shinra (FFVII REMAKE) 5★-7★ Rufus Shinra's ClothesClothesATK +30, DEF +24+100% Sleep resist+30% ATK with gun The New BossMateria+60% with gun+50% TDW ATK
  • Banner deal:
    • Get one free 11 summon for every THREE 11 summons
    • Get 1x Overdrive Exchange Ticket per multi-pull

New Vision Cards

  • Source: Link

  • Planet's Whisper
    Obtainable from: awakening NV Aerith to EX+1 or EX+3
    VC animation: Link
    – Lv1 +40 base MAG/SPR
    – Lv10 +65 base MAG/SPR
    – Lv4 +25% MAG/SPR with Rod
    – Lv7 +25% MAG/SPR with Rod
    – Lv10 +20% MAG/SPR (Condition: FF7 Only)

  • Scorpion Sentinel Battle
    Obtainable from: summoning an NV unit
    VC animation: Link
    – Lv1 +20 base DEF
    – Lv10 +60 base DEF
    – Lv1 Self Grant a 4000 HP shield for 5 turns at the start of battle/revived
    – Lv4 Self Restore 25000 HP split over 5 turns at the start of battle/revived
    – Lv10 +20% DEF

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Ticket Exchange (Overdrive) Shop Update


FFVII Raid Event – The Valkyrie

  • Source: Link
  • Event period: Thursday 9/3 EoM – Wednesday 9/16 SoM PDT
  • Summon period: Thursday 9/3 EoM – Wednesday 9/23 SoM PDT
  • JP megathread: Link
  • Featured gear:
    • Supernatural Wristguard, accessory, +30% ATK
    • Mythril Armlet, accessory, DEF +5, SPR +20, +20% SPR
    • Guard Stick, rod, ATK +7, MAG +114, SPR +103
    • Legacy of the Ancients, materia, +30% MP, +50% SPR, +5% MP refresh
    • (not mentioned in the news) 神羅式支援システム, materia, +30% ATK, +25% TDW ATK  
  • Bonus units:
    • +60%: NV Aerith, NVA Cloud, NVA Red XIII
    • +40%: Rufus S, NVA Tifa, NV Cloud -Remake-, NV Rain, NVA Dark Veritas
    • +30%: Reno, New Barret, Bruce, Rinora, Tyro
    • +20%: Yuffie, Zack, Aerith, Vincent, Sephiroth, Tifa, Cloud, Red XIII, Dark Veritas
    • +10%: Old Barret, Cait Sith

Daily Bonus Challenge – Rufus Shinra EXT

  • Can be cleared once a day for crafting mats.
  • Cannot bring a friend unit.
  • Can only use FF7 and FF7 Remake units.
  • Craftable gear:
    • Shinra Shotgun, 1H gun, ATK +134, +25% TDW ATK

Guardians of the Planets II

  • Farming dungeon for Brave abilities of NV Aerith, NVA Cloud and NVA Red XIII.
  • Boss race: Bird / Human
  • Weapon weakness: Greatsword Rod Staff
  • Tip: watch out for fixed-slot instant deaths.


A Blue Prelude – Caves of Crystal

  • Source: Link
  • Event period: Thursday 9/3 EoM – Wednesday 9/9 SoM PDT
  • Farming dungeons for crysts (mats for ability awakening).




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