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GL News – 9/9 Maintenance, NV Akstar Banner/FFBE MK, Master Coeurl Trial and more

Content of the article: "GL News – 9/9 Maintenance, NV Akstar Banner/FFBE MK, Master Coeurl Trial and more"



FFBE Banner – NV AD Akstar, NVA PG Lasswell & LS Shinju

  • Source: Link
  • Banner period: Thursday 9/10 EoM – Wednesday 9/23 SoM PDT
  • Featured units:
Unit Rarity TMR STMR
Awakened Dragon Akstar NV Awakened DragonMateria+60% ATK+25% Dragon/Human physical killer Novis Ember1H katanaATK +182+50% TDH/TDW ATK
Pyro Glacial Lasswell 5★-NV Azure Crimson SoulMateria+30% HP/ATK+25% LB fill rate Zantetsuken1H katanaATK +174+50% LB fill rate+10% esper's bonus stats
Lively Steward Shinju 5★-7★ Dream of Becoming MadamMateria+60% ATK with whip+10% MP Steward's PumpsAccessoryATK +55, DEF +24+50% ATK, +20% MP
  • NV AD Akstar's LB Animation:

  • NV AD Akstar's Intro Quest: Link

  • Banner deal:

    • Get 1x Overdrive Exchange Ticket per multi-pull
    • Get one random reward from a panel per multi-pull

New Vision Card

  • Source: Link

  • Guiding the Youth
    Obtainable from: awakening NV AD Akstar to EX+1 or EX+3
    VC animation: Link
    – Lv1 +40 base ATK
    – Lv10 +100 base ATK
    – Lv4 +50% ATK with Katana
    – Lv7 +50% ATK with Katana
    – Lv10 +20% ATK (Condition: FFBE unit Only)

Ticket Exchange (Overdrive) Update

  • Source: Link
  • Adds: NV AD Akstar's fragments, NVA PG Lasswell's fragments and others


FFBE MK – Learning the Mirror of Equity

  • Source: Link
  • Event period: Thursday 9/10 EoM – Wednesday 9/23 SoM PDT
  • Exchange period: Thursday 9/10 EoM – Wednesday 9/30 SoM PDT
  • JP megathread: Link
  • Free Unit: 5-7★ Stylish Steward Pecciotta
    TMR: So Cute It's Criminal, materia, +40% ATK, +20% passive provoke
    STMR: Raspberyl, throwing weapon, ATK +152, +50% Avian/Human/Dragon/Plant phys killer
Featured Gear Description
Soiree Steward's Clothes+ ClothesATK/MAG +24, DEF +33+15% MAG with Rod+15% ATK with Axe/Whip/Throwing Weapon/Fist
Pearl Whip+ 1H whipATK +126+20% Earth resist
Moraque Blade+ 1H katanaATK +139+10% HP/ATK
  • Bonus Units:
    • +300%: NV AD Akstar / PG Lasswell
    • +200%: 7★ LS Shinju / SS Pecciotta
    • +100%: 5-6★ LS Shinju / SS Pecciotta
    • +60%: 7★ Madam Edel / Physalis / Nagi / Yego / Reagan / Kunshira / PG Lasswell / Ayaka
    • +30%: 5-6★ Madam Edel / Physalis / Nagi / Yego / Reagan / Kunshira / PG Lasswell / Ayaka

Daily Bonus Challenge

  • Only bonus units are allowed.
  • 3 waves, all monsters are dragons.

Piercing Conviction (Insignia Farming Stages)

  • Insignias for NV AD Akstar & NVA PG Lasswell
  • Boss' race: Human / Stone
  • Only the Body has BREAK gauge, the arms doesn't have it
  • BREAK weakness: Sword Katana


The Whip-Whiskered Beast (Master Coeurl)

  • Source: Link
  • Available after maintenance
  • JP megathread: Link
  • Sinzar's early tips: Link
Mission Reward
Clear the quest 100 LapisCoeurl HeadpieceHatATK/MAG +51, DEF/SPR +31+50% Lightning resist
Use no more than 3 items 10% ALL Trust Moogle
Clear within 25 turns Call of the WildMateria+30% LB damage+2 LB/TurnAuto-cast: +8 LB to self at the start of a battle or when revived
Defeat Master Coeurl with esper Coeurl's BlasterMateriaActive skill materia (80 MP)Cast Death (50%) or deal physical damage (18x * 1 = 18x, ATK) to one enemyInflict Paralyze and Petrify (50%) on one enemyChain: CWA ? (it's MC in JP)


FFBE Neo Vision Login Bonus

  • Source: Link

  • Campaign period: Thursday 9/10 EoM – Sunday 9/20 00:59 PDT

    – 300 Lapis
    – 30x NV AD Akstar's fragment
    – 30x NVA PG Lasswell's fragment
    – 1x Ascension Pearl


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