Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

GL News (part 2): FFXV Raid – Sacrifices and FFXV Leviathan Chronicle Battle

FFXV Raid – Sacrifices

  • Source: Link
  • Event period: Thursday 4/29 1:00 – Wednesday 5/12 SoM PDT
  • Summon period: Thursday 4/29 1:00 – Wednesday 5/19 SoM PDT
  • JP megathread: Link
  • Note: shoud be back to one turn format.  
  • Bonus units for event currency:

    • +60%: NV OM Lunafreya, CB Noctis, Ignis, Prompto, Gladiolus, Nyx
    • +30%: 5-7★ Cindy
    • +20%: 5-7★ Gladiolus, Ignis, Aranea, Prompto, Nyx, Noctis, Ardyn, CP Noctis, Lunafreya, Gentiana, Regis
    • +10%: other FFXV units


  • Bonus units for event point: NEW
    • +30%: EX+3 FFXV NV units
    • +20%: EX+2 FFXV NV units
    • +10%: EX+1 FFXV NV units
Featured Gear Detail
Sylleblossom (FFXV) HP/MP +48, ATK/DEF/MAG +29, +50% MAG
Rapidus SMG (FFXV) ATK +132, DEF +30, Double normal attacks
Genji Blade (FFXV) <1H Greatsword> ATK +145, DEF +33, +25% TDW ATK/DEF
Spelldaggers (FFXV) ATK +128, DEF +39, +10% Fire/Ice/Lightning amplify
Covenant with the Gods +20% EVO MAG, +20% Evoke damage

Chronicle Battle – Leviathan

  • Available permanently from Thursday 4/29 1:00.
  • +300% to all stats of FFXV units.
  • JP megathread: Link
  • Bonus units for insignia and medal:
    • +300%: EX+3 FFXV NV units
    • +150%: EX+2 FFXV NV units
    • +100%: EX+1 FFXV NV units
    • +50%: EX+0 FFXV NV units

Note: different CB different medal, assuming we follow JP.

Featured Gear Detail
Scepter of the Pious (FFXV)+4 (Max. 2) ATK +12, MAG +202, SPR +90, +50% esper bonus stats, For Noctis, Ardyn, Lunafreya, King Regis only: +50% LB damage, +750 fixed MAG, +50% evoke damage
Hero's Shield (FFXV)+3 HP +100, DEF +135, SPR +62, +20% HP, +40% ATK (FFXV only)

Challenge of the Brave

  • Guardians of the Planet II: NV Aerith, NVA Cloud, NVA Red XIII
  • Those who Govern Freedom and Duty: NV Gabranth, NVA Balthier
  • Masters of Magic: NV Sol, NVA Dark Fina, NVA BS Sakura
  • Pillars of Strength: NV Physalis, NVA LM Fina, NVA SS Charlotte
  • Farplane Wanderers II: NV Akstar/Cleome, NV Dark Fina/Sol, NVA DP Fina
  • Resolute Wills: NV Mazurka, NVA Raegen


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