Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

[GL] PSA: Don’t forget to grab Dragon’s Brush from Boss Rush II, it makes Shera’s Entrusting even better!

3* Shera has a 10 Cryst LB, and Entrust. With Call of the Wild + the new Dragon's Brush accessory equipped, Shera will have full LB at the start of fights. He can then use Entrust to bring any single unit in the party up to full LB, all at the start of a fight on Turn 1.

This works because Entrust goes off of LB percentage, not crysts. Even though Shera only has a 10 cryst LB, Entrust doesn't really care: all it cares about is how full his LB gauge it, which it'll transfer over. Even if a unit has a 1000 cryst LB, Shera can Entrust it up to full.

This strategy gets even better if you equip him to fill 10 LB crysts a turn. Call of the Wild and Dragon's Brush already give 4 LB crysts every turn, so you just gotta find gear for the other 6. He'll have full LB every turn, which he can give to any unit.

Why is it useful?

This is extremely useful for LB hungry units who can't fill it themselves that easily, like Lasswell&Raegen or NV Zidane. While there are units that can fill LB Guage, they tend to come in limited amounts, either in the forms of Magnis or Grandis abilities. Even then, they usually aren't enough to fully fill a unit like LassGen's LB. Shera will make sure their gauge is filled, and every turn at that.

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The biggest problem will be keeping him alive, as well as the entire slot he takes up. Whether he's worth bringing or not will largely depend on the unit he'll be supporting, as he doesn't do much else at all.

Lots of people probably know about the whole Shera Entrust strategy, but I figure now would be a good time to make sure more people are in the loop about it, because it's quite handy. Even handier now that Dragon's Brush lets him do it at the start of fights. I wouldn't put Dragon's Brush on the same level as missing Moogle Charm, but missing it would still suck pretty hard.

TLDR: Don't miss Dragon's Brush from the Boss Rush event, Shera makes great use out of it!


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