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GLEX Units (Ling Effect) and you~

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As we all know NV Elena and YoshiDaddy are upon us and most of us are hoarding for them. I would like to take you guys back to memory lane on how these GLEX units impacted the GL landscape and how they made each and one of us blaming our own selves on missing out opportunities on saving more lapis on the next BIG thing.

Ling: what better way than to start with the relic herself, on demand 45% break on either ATK/MAG or DEF/SPR this was the highest at the time and rivaled Noctis' mish mash breaks. Everyone snubbed her since we had the JP crystal ball and where waiting for WoL's 6* but Gumi being Scumi decided to drag it to the point that most clears (Titan Trial) were all flooded with Ling clears, to the point that she made the Trials at her time obsolete with her breaker kit and niche support kit (Rikku's Pouch as a unit) as well as making every player's Arena days easier with her AoE Dance of Death (Status Ailment).

Olive, Fryevia and Xon: the trinity of GLEX units that we got with Olive leading the way as her insane LB burst and Finishing capability paved the way of solo clears (Omega Trial) rendering GL content child's play. Add in Fryevia who after the Orlandeau banner showed us a glimpse of how Hybrid is done right even destroying Aigaion like a worn out GunPla and finally, Xon with his waylay, gil doubler, rare loot boost made him for most player's team a staple up till now.

Zargabaath: first off, his introduction was not a pleasant one considering he replaced Gabranth in JP who everyone was waiting for (he's a great tank at that time). with a kit capable of being anything you might need on hard content, he made every support check themselves on the mirror, mitigations, buffs, dispel, 100% HP heal + 50% MP heal on a unit, elemental buffs, berserk buff (he's still doing this in DV) he did it all with a swagger. And dare I say that he aged like fine wine.

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A.I.Katy: Tyro on Steroids. period. also UPGRADE PACKAGE!!!

Halloween Units: what comes to mind on Halloween? Skeleton Trial testing the limits of most players considering he costs 100 NRG at the time and his RNG mechanic which he either hit like a wet noodle or Libertus' driving that car into your face. Enter Halloween Units, more so Illusionist Nichol which at the time has the unique ability of turning any unit into a cover tank/provoker thus making that Chorizo/Soleil a slot efficient MP drainer/Buffer which made the blueprint of pre-nerf clears all the more gangsta. Thus becoming the baseline of the creation of our very own Raging Baby in Rivera which does the same thing, but with LB buffs, elemental imbues and such. Then we go to Grim Lord Sakura one of the few mages that laughed at Bloody Moon and Arena all the same, her Soul Barrage (chains with Ashe) destroyed even the hardest trial upon that time, Greater Malboro with ease (granted it has to be Sparked chained), Demon Rain upon his 7* awakening became one of the best cover tanks as long as he doesn't auto cover any unit that time as well as providing extra damage and LB crystals with his counters.

Christmas Units: White Knight Noel another GLEX tank became one of the best units in hiding your other units in Arena and being able to rival Wilhelm on the tanking department during his time made lots of players skip tank banners. Christine is like any other mages but comes with Kryla the real prize of the banner. Enter her Global Upgrade and you have a breaker that can also provoke tank, imperil and buff elements, dispel, fill LB and you will see her on most clears thus giving off that Ling Effect once more on GL.

Chinese New Year Units: the banner that everyone looks out for (I think) which never rans out of units that makes GL content obsolete. Ling being included, we had Chow who became one of the best magic tanks rivaling A.Rain as well as having a better kit acting as a backup healer and an LB that heals and restores HP AND MP! Ang who became the modern day (at that time) Olive that served as an LB finisher, capable of clearing the Story Event final stages which give out great rewards at the time. This won't be complete w/o mentioning Foo and XWQL… What more can I say? you needed a support/evoker in one unit then go for Foo you Foo! you need damage? but you also want another Tanky unit like Goth Loli? go for XWQL which up to this date is still being used with her triple magnus that destroyed any content and even at one point stood atop the magic damage dealer charts on DV!

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Unit Design Units: Malphasie, Beryl, Myra, Circe, Ellesperis at one point in time these units either made your team or had been coveted by their great S/TMRs (Circe,Malphasie and Beryl), great kit and utility (Myra with her dual castable Entrust), and insane damage potential at their time (Circe).

Black Friday Units: the banner with no guarantees but will guarantee your team for a long time they came on a time when everyone's resource was depleted but made a statement upon DV (MMXon). Leading the way was Mastermind Xon who at release was considered a much worst unit than OG Xon but found his niche and crowning glory atop the most units used in Dark Visions with his insane corona virus spreading buffs, killers, elemental resist and status resists. He even have an emergency 5 stack mirage! as well as a chain whore for AR, SR, AMoE, BS and AZ. He did everything and he did it well to the point that everything about him a bang on you buck! Basically dividing the community into Xon-ed IN and Xon-ed OUT. Doctor Aiden also proved THAT he CAN heal as well as replace your provoke tank and put up barriers if need be.

The Precursors: Lastly, THE gamechangers of the GL. Revolutionized by our Thunder Bunny (who became everyone's beloved, literally became everyone's go to DD and Absolute Raikiki everything to dust) she was ahead of her time and paved the way for all the following GLEX units. Sylvie also became the best support unit you could ask for up to this point even rendering the lack of Poppy in our lives (for now). Karten and his one and only skill of Frenzied Rampage tore everything to dust, Tsukiko a mage capable of destroying Scorn of Blood Moon easily, Kaito and his STMR (yes, that's his claim to fame) and lastly, Elena. Elena and her kit made every trial a cakewalk and cleared most content on the 7* era proving that she alone can save you a ton of resources.

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~ Thus, with NV Elena and Daddy Yoshi arriving upon us. expect their kits capable of rivaling the best of the best and consider them as an investment for the future.



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