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Grind Check: The Ultimate Solution!

Content of the article: "Grind Check: The Ultimate Solution!"

(Cues "The Final Countdown" intro music) (and also) (Cues Gob-style entry with sparklers shooting out from my hands as I enter).

WELCOME! To another Grind Check! Brought by none other than… (Doo-doo-doo-doooooo, Nah-nah-nah-nah-nah… "The Final Countdown" (yes, its still playing in the background)…) /u/Bluetuzo!!!! Your faithful host of the greatest recurring (hey its happened at LEAST three times!!! so yes that now makes it recurring) fanpost that has ever appeared on this great FFBE subreddit!

(screw Tom and his list of greatest recurring posts of 2020 that Grind Check didn't get on, who needs him anyway… grumble, grumble, grumble, no I don't feel bitter that my entirely awesome and super impactful and very very recurring (at LEAST three times!!!) Grind Check posts didn't make his list of 2020's best recurring posts…). (Well, guess what Tomato314 or 420 or whatever your user tag is (hah, I really don't know it, I'm just guessing, so there), jokes on you, because I am creating a new Best of 2020 list, and my list consists of the fanposts with the most paranetheticals, and possibly the most ellipsis… and do you know who DIDN'T make the cut? YOU, so there.) (See? Not bitter!).

OKAY, so now on to the meat and potatoes of this post, talking about the Ultimate Solution for all of the meaningless, pointless, life-draining, time-waisting grind in this game that is known colloquially as FFBE. I give you three simple steps:

  1. Open phone, but do NOT open app yet
  2. Select the app by however you select the app using your phone's OS. In apple, you now have to long-press the app. Then a menu will pop up, or maybe just a minus sign.
  3. Delete the app from your phone, using whatever method your phone's OS requires. In apple, you either hit Delete App, or Remove App, or hit the Minus button. I can't exactly remember because I did it like 15 minutes ago and the process for doing it is already muddy in my memory.
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There you go, you have now removed all of FFBE's grind from your life and no longer have to worry about it. Congratulations! You have now passed the Grind Check graduation ceremony!

Three weeks of the same exact Christmas banner made me realize that I was very bored, had better things to do, and was done with this game after 4 years. So here I go, joining the ranks of the forgotten. But do you know what WON'T be forgotten?!

HAH, I'm not telling you. So I guess you'll never know.

paz afuera and peace out…


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