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Guardians of the Planet II:

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haven't seen much mention of tactics for this challenge yet, guess most people are rushing through the story while 1/2 nrg is stillh here.

for aerith not being desired by most, im surprised at the fact that her challenge is such a massive PITA compared to the previous two. Sure for those with strong units it still 1-2TKO it easily enough, but the mechanics will probably drive most newer players mad.

besides the break mechanic which is the same as previous (Except this time using greatswords, rods, and staves). it has a number of annoying mechanics all rolled into one , Death, ailment infliction, dispelga, AOE breaks (90% to each stat), MP Drain, a graviga ability, a 9999 damage ability, plus basic AOE non-elemental magic. Plus at times clears their own ailement/break and heals.

not sure if its 100% accurate, but from what I've seen of it.

T1: dispelga (can be sealed with nullify spell abilities) 3x necro eyes (ST 100% death, seperate, and targeting different units (draw attacks doesnt work on them), seems to go through the roster in order)

t2 is: Rainbow Poison Feather (AOE 9999hp damage, inflicting all ailments, (Fixed so cant be evaded, covered, or miraged), General mitigation works against it) 2x Beckoning Feather (ST MP drain, can be drawn away with provoke)

3rd turn: Fatal wing ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR (90% break)

then repeats:

when broken it'll use:

t1: resting wing (5% hp self heal, and remove buffs/debuffs from itself) 4x Swiftwind Talon (ST wind magic damage, can be resisted) and a single basic attack (more then likely this turn has a % of its abilities as swiftwing talons, so it maybe 1-5 (I've only had 3-4)

t2: Predator's Grip (AOE 50% hp damage) 3x Swiftwind Talon (ST wind magic damage, can be resisted)

t3: 2x whirlwind wing (AOE magic damage)

it'll then regain its shield and go back to unbroken rotation, starting with one based on the turn #.

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it doesnt buff its stats, and can only be atk/mag broken (Atk break is pointless due to not really using standard attacks (atleast I didnt see any) and its attacks being either magic or fixed).

For those with MMXon/WHRosa who can break gauge in T1, its fine to skip this

Mainly For those who cant break gauge T1

since 1st turn it uses dispelga, all the buffs and such are removed from your party, so you'll want to seal that. (There is a number of units who can nowadays ( (search 'nullify next spell' ) Mastermind Xon has one (but it cant be part of his normal T-cast to break shield, but can be part of his reflector/double up (its called Mystical Mirror) advise to use it at the end of the query and last in the turn so it doesn't accidentally get used up to nullify one of your own abilities)

The 3x death spell is also a pain, as there's only 3 nullify death items. (safety bit, genji shield) and an STMR (Sakura & Ayaka: Floating Hearts). so unless you have all 3 your team will eventually be whittled away.

few things to also want on the party is ailment resistance (entire party, can be gear or buffs), and stat break resistance (again, the entire party, not too much stat break gear so buffs again). as well as general (for fixed attacks) and magical mitigations (all other moves)

Also, having a unit who can heal over 10k (im sure it depends on the party, more is better, mine never recieved that much damage but I had both general and magical mitigation (30% and 50%), its mainly for the fixed attack, but you will need more if your units have more then 20k hp due to the 50% hp damage ability during break state.

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those using Tifa to 2tKO with her LB, but cant break gauge on T1, you'll need to atleast seal dispelga (any seal unit/ability should work, as it doesnt matter if the boss dies in that turn, just as long as tifa/chainers dont die to the death attacks), (its also probably possible to get away without death resists (put units you dont need on T2 in slots 1-3).

Once gauge is broke

a draw/provoke tank with 100% wind resist (evasion may help abit for the standard attacks) to handle the attacks when its in a break state could also help. (if you got one geared enough, a 100% draw magical cover tank with 100% wind resist could also work)

For those with MMXon, WMRosa and can break gauge T1
for those who have strong units who can 1ko it, you wont need much at all obviously.


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