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All the griping over the past week (and pretty much every other time), railing against Gumi for their crimes against the player base, it's really Square Enix you should be directing your malcontent towards.

Hiroki, the producer, he's a SQEX employee. (Shaly is a Gumi employee).

Development is on Gumi. So when there are game play issues (bugs)? That's when it's actually Gumi's fault. On the other hand, enhancement guy is a Gumi employee (I've been told he doesn't speak a word of English, but he was actually wandering around at a Fan Festa event). Thank him for good enhancements (but maybe also blame him for disappointing Esther (I'm holding out hope for the precursors getting latents in a unified event and that "completing" Esther's updates)).

But decisions? Things that affect the bottom line? Generosity vs stinginess? That's going to be coming from SQEX. Likewise, our new community manager is a SQEX employee (as was the previous). So it's nice to have someone going through the communities again and relaying our feelings. SQEX chose to spend the money on putting someone on payroll for this game again, for a position that they previously saw as a place to make a budget cut. Maybe the bean counters found it more agreeable because the double duty with the other FFBE title, but it's still better than nothing.

With all the pitchforks and disappointment directed at Gumi, why would SQEX be especially motivated to make it better? If it's not impacting your image of the company, it's not going to impact their other games/sales. I bet EA would love it if they could have all the blame for all their bad microtransaction decisions assigned to a contracted developer.

Granted, I'm saying this as someone that chooses to still play the game and doesn't think it's all doom and gloom. I'm trusting that the "cool shit" for the anniversary is still to come (I held out hope for Rico, and that turned out well! What's another month or two?). Personally, I find the layering of rage posts to be an annoyance, but a public forum is a public forum, if I don't like it, I don't have to read it; that's my problem, not yours. At the very least, I wanted to make this futile attempt to make it a little better with the hope that future rants be directed in the right direction.

tl;dr: Greed is a feature of a publisher, not a developer. Yell at SQEX about poopy anniversary, not Gumi. But a new CM on payroll is a pleasing sign of anti-greed, so yay for that.


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