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Hasn’t been a hot topic, but the Neo Rainbow Revolution step-up banner now has FOUR laps

Content of the article: "Hasn’t been a hot topic, but the Neo Rainbow Revolution step-up banner now has FOUR laps"

This hasn’t had its own post probably because all the focus after the last maintenance was on the IW banner.

On Monday’s daily reset, the recurring 4.5k all-rainbow (with a chance of NV) step-up banner is returning but can now be pulled on for FOUR laps instead of the usual two. We’re several months into the NV era and a lot of people probably brush this off as just another trap before anticipated banners like CNY, fan units, and FMA come.

But honestly I’m not sure.

I think this uncertainty is coming from the collective experience of DV #1 go-getters NEEDING UoCs and STMR dupes to cap previous DVs. Just recently, Dark Golem’s buffs prompted several players to use extra resources, particularly UoCs and STMR moogles, to get their first (or second) Weapons Specialist and Scanning Goggles. Some also used resources to achieve Terra’s STMR-filled “BiS” builds while some used resources to awaken Edgar to EX+1 or get jump damage STMRs. Even after those tremendous Golem buffs, it’s pretty clear that over a thousand players are willing to spend UoCs and the like to get #1.

The updated Neo Rainbow Revolution step-up can give players 20 UoCs for 18k lapis. It can also give 36 rainbows, one of which just might be someone’s last Lunafreya, Fang, or Malphasie before that player gets their STMR. There’s still also that 52% chance that one of those 36 rainbows is a random NV unit — even if it is someone’s 20th Cloud, it still might be that Trans pearl that one would need for an NV Terra STMR dupe.

Then again, there’s also the chance of Anima being buffed by 100%, or that the damage cap increase may come by the next DV for all we know. Not a lot of undead killers from STMRs too so maybe getting random 5*s is just not worth it anymore.

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Obviously it’s good to remember to wait for Tuesday news before pulling, but what are your thoughts on this updated Neo Rainbow Revolution step-up?


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