Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Heavenly Flames ELT with Lucas

First things first, this is certainly not meant as a budget clear, I used limited units and lots of stmr. There are much faster and easier ways to complete the trial, this is just a fun challenge to get it done without the usual units like Faisy, SS Charlotte, Yuraisha.

This is going to be our team:

  • Lucas
  • Yoshikiri
  • Emperor Foo
  • Gilgamesh NVA
  • Lasswell & Raegen
  • friend Lasswell & Raegen

In order to make this work we need to gear Lucas with at least 270% resist for all elements except lightning which we can do with the following build:

  • Nyx's Dagger
  • Impervious Shield or Escutcheon (FFT)
  • Kryla's Veil
  • Vishnu Vest
  • Knight's Medal x2
  • Magic Sanctuary x3
  • Original Arrival or Exceptional Ingenuity
  • Black Dragon esper

Bahamut will imperil for 250% so we are left with 20%. Emperor Foo can buff all elements by 80% for 4 turns which is all we need.

Turn 1:

  1. Lucas casts his reraise
  2. Yoshi uses AoE ice imbue and amp plus his ability that gives 5 stacks of mirage
  3. Emperor Foo uses protagonist halo on Yoshi so he takes all the physical hits
  4. Gilgamesh breaks and slowly starts reducing the break gauge. Go slowly, we don't want to actually break the gauge until turn 8 so we can avoid the triple Gigaflare.
  5. Lassgens slowly start doing damage through the break gauge. You can alternate their dragon killer buffs to keep it up.
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Turn 2:

  1. Lucas covers, he will die, get up and then die again
  2. Emperor Foo can fill esper gauge and give some beast killer
  3. everyone else keeps chaining for some small damage

Turn 3:

  1. Emperor Foo can raise Lucas with spell from Phoenix or item
  2. Yoshi switches back to normal form and uses his AoE reraise ability

Turn 4:

  1. Lucas covers, he will die and get back up

Turn 5:

  1. Lucas needs to cover again
  2. Emperor Foo needs to buff all elemental resistances

Turn 6:

  1. Lucas will need to provoke either this turn or next turn
  2. Yoshi should be back to shift form now

Turn 7: This is the big setup turn

  1. Yoshi should use AoE ice imbue + amp as well as unlock triple cast
  2. Lassgens need to use their atk/LB damage buff and one of them should use dragon killer buff and ice imperil
  3. Gilgamesh needs to break and reduce the break gauge enough so that Emperor Foo and/or Lucas can finish it next turn

Turn 8:

  1. Emperor Foo and/or Lucas can deplete the break gauge
  2. Yoshi and Gilgamesh are going to BS chain while both Lassgens finish with their shift LB

Turn 9:

  1. Emperor Foo uses his magnus ability to fill everyone's LB
  2. Yoshi and Gilgamesh chain while both Lassgens finish again
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Turn 10:

  1. Yoshi needs to switch back to normal form to use his mirage ability and AoE reraise ability
  2. Emperor Foo can entrust one of the Lassgens who can finish while Gilgamesh and the other Lassgen chain AMoE
  3. Lucas should use protagonist halo on Yoshi if you need more turns

If you have mega whale Lassgens maybe Bahamut is dead already. If not you will have to finish off the rest of the health through the break gauge.

Turn 11:

  1. Someone has to die here and it can't be Lucas or Emperor Foo. Gilgamesh is probably the safest choice, just have him break first.
  2. Emperor Foo can chose who gets to die by giving them AoE magic cover. Everyone should still have reraise so whoever is chosen will take all the magic damage.
  3. Lassgens should be chaining and trying to build up LB again

Turn 12:

  1. Lucas needs to cover
  2. Emperor Foo needs to buff water and ice resist
  3. Someone can revive whoever died last turn

Turn 13:

  1. Bahamut will dispel your team, prepare to reset next turn

Turn 14:

  1. Lucas will need to cover again after the dispel
  2. Emperor Foo can buff earth resist but it really doesn't matter at this point
  3. Yoshi can ice imbue again
  4. If both Lassgens have their LB ready you can use their atk/LB buff and dragon killer buff
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Turn 15:

  1. This is it, your last chance to kill Bahamut. If you can't do it this turn you are screwed.


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