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%HP damage skills are horked

About a week and a half ago, I posted a thread outlining some changes that were made to HP sacrifice skills (that is, skills that deal a percentage of your maximum HP when cast).

In that thread, I mentioned another type of skill, %HP damage skills. These are things like Paladin Cecil's dark skills, and they cost a percentage of current HP. In theory, this means that they can't kill you unless you're at 1 HP.

Today, t0ni on Discord noticed that his Dark Knight Luneth was dying from full HP while using two %HP damage skills that cost 20% and 40% HP, respectively.

So, apparently there are two things going on here.

First of all, the HP cost is calculated when the skill starts to cast, but you don't actually lose the HP until the skill "hits" (even non-damage skills have hit frames). This means that if you're multicasting multiple %HP damage skills, and the second cast starts before the first cast has damaged you, then both casts will be calculated based on what your HP was at the start (for instance, casting two 50% HP skills would kill you if you were at full health).

Perhaps even more importantly, %HP damage seems to be affected by elemental amplification, field effects, and DV party slot elemental bonuses. So, for instance, if you're using wind (and no other elements) along with Bartz's 45% wind amp and a 20% DV zone boost, then your %HP damage skills will cost you 1.45 * 1.2 = 1.74 times as much HP as normal.

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Notably, this only affects skills that deal damage, and which type of field effect it's impacted by depends on the skill's attack type. Physical skills will be affected by physical fields and key off of weapon elements/imbues, while magic skills* are affected by magic fields and the skill's own element. Skills which do not deal damage to enemies are unaffected by amps, fields, or DV zone effects.

*Maybe I shouldn't have said "magic skills", as there's no plural. There is only one magic attack in the game that costs a percentage of current HP, and it's on Black Waltz 3. If you're using him on your team, then you need more help than any reddit thread could ever provide.


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