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Hybrid Elena will (probably) be better than a wrong-element Mage in DV

Content of the article: "Hybrid Elena will (probably) be better than a wrong-element Mage in DV"

Many people are lamenting about how, as a true hybrid, Elena's damage is DV is going to be roughly halved on both physical and magical stages due to how the damage calculations work.

I, too, am disappointed by this. I was hoping for a NVLasswell-style Brave Shift with physical damage in one form, and magical in another. Alas, that's does not seem to be what we are getting… but let us look at how a true hybrid would fare in the context of DV, shall we?

Hybrid Damage Calculations

For starters, if a Hybrid character has a x100 modifier on their attack, it will be effectively 'split' into two x50 modifiers, one for ATK and one for MAG, then added back together.

DV bosses have a DEF:SPR ratio of 10:1 or 1:10, depending on the type of stage. For a magic stage, this means a hybrid attack will suffer reduced damage as follows:

1) Starting Modifier: x100

2) 'Physical Modifier': x50 / 10 = 5

3) 'Magical Modifier': x50 / 1 = 50

4) Effective DV Modifier: 50 + 5 = x55

This is pretty bad. So far we're looking at a 45% reduction in damage compared to somebody using a pure magic attack. However, there still are other factors at play…

The Elemental Consideration

As a hybrid character, Elena's attacks should all function like physical attacks. That means unless they have an innate element, we can imbue her with any element we wish and she will deal 100% of her damage as the corresponding element.

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Now, most DV bosses have an innate -50% resistance to their 'weak' element and an 80% resistance to all other elements. Since we can safely assume that all DV teams will be running a 120% or 130% imperil, the final resistance numbers will look like this:

  • 'Weak' element: -50 – 130 = -180%

  • 'Strong' elements: +80 – 130 = -50%

This means that an elemental attack of an imperiled 'weakness' will deal 280% of it's base damage, while an elemental attack of an imperiled 'strength' will deal 150% of it's base damage.

If we assume that a hybrid character is always going to be attacking using an 'imperiled weakness', her final effective damage modifier will be 280% of x55, or x154.

In comparison, the final effective damage modifier of a pure Mage with a x100 mod attacking using an 'imperiled strength' will be only x150.

This actually puts a hybrid character with a x100 mod at about 2% DPT higher in DV than a 'pure Mage' with a x100 mod but only wrong-element attacks

The Tipping Point: Physical Killers

The last advantage of the physical-type attacks that hybrids have is their ability to use physical killers.

It's relatively easy to gear most characters with 200-300% physical killers. Hell, most Espers will put a character at 125% physical killer by themselves. However, a common complaint in the community is that magical killers are much rarer and often exist in lower quantities. Espers often only grant 75% magical killers, and gear/materias are often similarly weak (if you have them at all).

While some players may have enough equipment to hit the 300% killer cap on a pure mage, many players cannot. I myself can only manage ~125-175% magical killer for most enemy types. This makes a hybrid character much more appealing, even in DV, as these players can leverage the equipment they do have to hit better damage numbers than they could with a pure mage.

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  • Even as a hybrid attacker, Elena is likely to be perfectly serviceable in DV.

  • In a vacuum, a perfectly geared mage will always deal about 200% more damage than an equivalent hybrid in DV, but reality is messier than that, and most players can gear physical/hybrid characters much easier than they can gear mages.

  • Most mages have only 1-2 good elements. Elena will (probably) be able to deal damage from all 8 elements with the correct support.

  • Gumi can still completely screw Elena over by deciding to make her hybrid attacks element-locked. I consider this very unlikely, but it is still something to watch out for.


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