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Hybrids & You – Dispelling Misinformation & Empowering Starlight Elena Owners

Content of the article: "Hybrids & You – Dispelling Misinformation & Empowering Starlight Elena Owners"

Hi, I'm Mars. Some of you know me. Hi. If not, hi also. Haven't posted here in a long while, but hybrids are a smoke signal for me to return and dispel misinformation about hybrid damage dealers.

This post will break down all of the core mechanics of what makes a hybrid damage dealer tick, because they have some things that affect them uniquely.

Myth: A 100x Hybrid modifier is effectively the same as a 50x ATK/MAG modifier.

Reality: This rote of habit is a holdover from a bygone era of hybrids. Hybrid modifiers are nearly 1 to 1 comparable to pure phys or mag modifiers when combined (ATK + MAG)/2 approximates to the ATK or MAG of a non-hybrid unit (as long as the DEF/SPR of the target are roughly similar).

In days of FFBE long past, you couldn't usually build a hybrid unit to maximize for both ATK and MAG; you had to build either one stat or the other as high as you possibly could to maximize their damage. This resulted in a "dead" stat on that character.

For your edification, here is an ancient build of the original Fryevia built in the spiritual predecessor of what we enjoy as FFBEEquip today. At 500 ATK and 1000 MAG, this Fryevia was considered one of the most powerful characters you could have at the time. She couldn't maximize ATK or MAG, so you had to commit to one and stack it as high as possible to maximize her damage. When you square these inputs as part of the equation, you get 250,000 from ATK and 1,000,000 from MAG, dramatically widening the gap between the two stats. This is why the napkin math for hybrid damage modifiers was to simply halve the modifiers on their abilities, because one of the stats was contributing significantly less.

This came to practical application when comparing Fryevia on release against Orlandeau, who was the heavyweight champ at the time. Orlandeau sported a whopping 4x modifier on his Divine Ruination chain, and could get over 1000 ATK with whale builds. Fryevia had a hefty 8x hybrid modifier, and could also hit 1000 MAG, but only 500 ATK. This resulted in her only being slightly better than Orlandeau, and the "halved hybrid mod" napkin math proved effective.

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As new hybrids came out, the gap in total stats narrowed. Here are some sample builds of Hyoh and the original Elena, both reflective of their top potential during the 7 star era with maybe a couple embellishments. Hyoh tops out at about 3002 ATK, and Elena hits 2790 ATK and 2680 MAG. Combine Elena's stats and divide them in half, and you get 2,735, making her effective offensive stats off from Hyoh's by only 267. At this point, halving Elena's damage would be a dramatic misrepresentation of how much damage she's putting out.

If you square both of the stats from above, you get 9,012,004 for Hyoh, and 7,480,225 for Elena, which puts her at 83% of Hyoh's output assuming they have identical modifiers. This means that to match a Hyoh ability at a 50x modifier, Elena's modifier would only need to be 58.5x.

So enough with halving hybrid modifiers. If anything, the napkin math might be to knock em down by 10% or 15% instead of 50%, depending on where final stats on the hybrid unit end up. Just use the damn calculator.

Billy Mays Here, There's More!

Here's a quick shakedown of other mechanics that are unique to calculating hybrid damage:

  • Hybrid damage can be evaded unless the hybrid DD is using accuracy (TDH, or acc buffs).
  • Hybrid damage only benefits from physical killers. Magical killers do nothing.
  • Hybrid damage benefits from elemental imbues and equips.
  • Only the ATK half of the calculation benefits from damage variance. This means that damage variance is only half as effective on hybrids that cap both ATK/MAG. A weapon with +30% variance would represent only about 15% variance in practice, for example.
  • Only the ATK half of the calculation benefits from "handedness" when dualwielding. When a dualwield unit attacks, the attack might use one or both of the weapons as part of the attack. The total ATK calculated at the time of the attack is based on which hand is attacking, and not both together. This means that an Elena with a pair of 150 ATK weapons and a total of 3500 ATK is really attacking at 3350 ATK each time.
  • The MAG half of the calculation uses the total MAG stat of the unit. This helps to balance out the "handedness" drawback, and means that the full MAG stat displayed on the unit is used for all attacks.
  • Bosses that fully resist either physical or magical damage will take exactly half damage from hybrid units. This has a practical application in fights like Scorn of the Blood Moon where the boss fully immunes physical damage. You might intuitively think you need to build MAG only for the boss since it immunes physical, but that's not the case. Blood Moon has almost identical DEF and SPR, meaning you should build full hybrid for maximum damage output since your damage is just divided by two to account for the physical immunity.
  • If a boss has massively different DEF and SPR, you want to build around that (looking at you, every person who keeps commenting about Dark Visions). Consult the builder if you're not sure on how to go about it. I typically consider a more skewed stat build when a boss has one defensive stat that is at least 3x higher than the other.
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Aaand I think that's about all the nuggets of wisdom I have on the weird hybrid mechanics. Just read this if you want to enjoy all that same information without my glowing touch.


So Mars, if I can't cap both ATK/MAG, which one should I focus on?

Idk, I'm famously bad at math. Use the calculator.

Should I pull for Starlight Elena?

I'm not your dad, and I don't know your roster. Consider what your party needs… or whatever gives you a serotonin. It's a phone game, after all.

Does this mean Starlight Elena is good?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, darling.

Mars are you coming out of Reddit writing retirement?

No, lol.

Then why would you write this post?

The only thing I hate more than incessant squabbling over Gumi's latest faux pas is when misinformation about the game is disseminated as fact. At least I can help with correcting misinformation.

You sure sound like a know-it-all.

Not a question, but yeah my mom reminds me of that a lot. We all have things to work on. That aside, this isn't my first educational crusade on behalf of abused hybrid damage dealers. Veritas of Light homies in the back row know what's up.

Best of luck to all the Elena summoners out there! As always, please let me know if I missed something or made an error.


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