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I think NRG costs are too high.

Content of the article: "I think NRG costs are too high."

NRG costs are getting a bit ridiculous. The new events and such today cost 30 NRG a pop, easy and hard. As such, I'm pretty wiped out now after completing 3/4, because one of them is annoyingly hard and keeps killing my team and eating through HA Charlotte like she's made of butter. That's beside the point though.

Within 5 minutes of opening the game, I can't really do anything else in the game, because I'm out of NRG. This is not cool. I want to play the game. I don't want to complete 4 missions and then have to sit and twiddle my thumbs for 4 hours for my NRG to replenish. Something here needs to give. Either NRG costs across the board need to drop, so I can spend more time playing the game, or NRG needs to replenish much faster. Or both, both would be good. Grinding is already a pain in the ass, events require a lot of it for you to get the rewards. This means you spend A TON of time just waiting for your NRG to refill so you can continue to do the event. Really no other phone game I play has such an insanely high cost for doing event content, because all of them are designed to smooth out your gameplay so you still have enough NRG resources to play the game – that, or they reward you with copious amounts of NRG refills (usually full bar, not 10 points, which is almost nothing in this game).

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This is a game. I want to play the game. I don't want to wait to play this game. This needs to change, like yesterday, because it's irritating and it's not making me enjoy the time I spend in this game. It especially hurts when you sink 30 NRG into a boss that wipes you out and you're looking at such a colossal amount of wasted NRG you could have spent somewhere else. So someone summon Gumi here and let's tell them that we want to play their game, not wait to play their game.

Edit: I'm not asking that NRG cost go away or become laughably cheap. I just want it reasonably priced.


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