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I’m not sure if I should ask for this Physalis change, but…

Content of the article: "I’m not sure if I should ask for this Physalis change, but…"

Can we change her Mystic Cross chain to Absolute Zero?

After checking up of future units on the JP wiki, I found Physalis and was kinda let down knowing that she was just inserted the same generic chaining family all other mages have.

The overdose of Stardust Ray and Chaos Wave Awakened…

I like the Stardust Ray chain. It's basically JP's Divine Ruination 2.0 (for us we have Bolting Strike which is basically their Divine Ruination 2.5) and it's a good chain shared by… a lot of units. Not just damage dealers. Supports like Regis have it. Tanks like Paladin Cecil and Alphonse have it. And so on…

Bolting Strike just got one tank unit with Vossler. A unit almost everyone skipped over. (I honestly didn't know he had BS chains until last week.)

Other than that, mages only have one of two chains at the moment. Chaos Wave or Chaos Wave Awakened.

Again, not saying these are bad chains, but here's the thing… If memory serves me right, all Mystic Cross chains are renamed Chaos Wave Awakened in global.

How does any of this relate to Physalis?

Well, Neo Vision Physalis has two chains. The first is Bolting Strike. Finally, we get something other than Sta-… and the other chain is Mystic Chross Chaos Wave Awakened.

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Now, I will say from what I see Physalis is basically a magic based unit. (Not hybrid.) But, Absolute Zero is also usually reserved for magic based units as well as Chaos Wave Awakened.

Not only this, but the theme of Absolute Zero is ICE!

Physalis deals mostly with ICE damage. (Her one extra chain which is with the Bolting Strike family is ice based.) It wouldn't be out of place if we changed her to chain with Absolute Zero.

What's the difference? They both chain, right.

Well, from what I hear, CWA is not a fan favorite chain.

Absolute Zero chains in quick succession, while CWA hits very slow and it's no where near as satisfying.

It also fit's Physalis's character better to have a more physical damage dealing chain rather than a slow paced chain that hits over time.

But, at what cost?

This does mean that Physalis will be on her own unless another Absolute Zero unit comes into the picture. The last unit to be released with the skill was Lucas. White Knight Noel got it as a Latent Ability (remember when we used to get those…). And, Nagi was the last to ever receive the chain after her enhancements.

Now, Mastermind Xon does have Absolute Zero chains (strangely enough) and so do quite a few other units that are still fairly usable.

Physalis also has Bolting Strike if you can't find her a dupe (those Fryevia Bolting Strike latents are finally starting to look nice), but we could do well with a different chaining family other than Chaos Wave Awakened for mages.

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Most importantly,

What do you guys think?

Whether or not the change happens, she's gonna hit this meta with guns blazing!!

She's going to be strong and a very much desired unit.


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