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INSANE Support! NV Yuraisha and NV Kunshira Review

Content of the article: "INSANE Support! NV Yuraisha and NV Kunshira Review"


NVA Kunshira

Kunshira is a hybrid attacker that can use various elements with Absolute Mirror of Equity chaining frames.

Kunshira (Base) Strengths

  • Strong Dual-Element AMoE Chains, 6x chain cap, 120% TDW
  • Huge boost to 7* skills and Triple Cast

Kunshira gains two AMoE chaining abilities when awakened. She can easily chain with anyone with fire, wind, water and light locked/imbued AMoE chains.

Kunshira can also be used as a finisher. Her blade skills get a huge boost in their mods. They can all be triple casted and they all do 1 hit each. They are perfect for capping a chain.

Kunshira (Base) Weaknesses

  • Difficult to use in Dark Visions
  • No 120% imperils in base form

Since Kunshira uses dual-element, she is hard to use in dark visions due to specific elemental resistances of the enemies. Her damage will be greatly reduced if the enemy is resistant to one of the elements she uses.

She only has 70% imperils for her elements in base form. She needs to brave shift in order to use her 120% imperils. So EX1 awakening is needed to fully maximize her damage if not using external imperil.

Kunshira (BS) Strengths

Kunshira gets access to her magnus ability that has a 134x modifier. She can imperil five different elements by 120%. She can debuff def and spr by 85% via her LB and imperil lightning and wind by 125%.

She also gains two abilities with increased break damage to the break gauge when using rods or maces. Break damage is 300% and 500% respectively. She can be useful in Challenge of the Brave. She also has access to her AR chaining skills which can be useful for the chain mission in Dark Visions.

She has a lot of innate TDW (150%) and has the 6x chain mod cap.

Kunshira (BS) Weaknesses

She can debuff ATK and MAG by 75% only. She cannot have full uptime on the imperils because they only last for 4 turns but the cooldown for the skill is 8 turns.

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Final Thoughts

I’m quite happy that they gave Kunshira an NVA. I often use her in

Dark Visions to buff elemental resists and chain AR with MM Xon. Now, she can do respectable damage, imperil, break, do increased damage to break gauge, buff elemental resist, cap a chain with her finisher skills, triple cast and she’s easy to gear in Brave Shift form.

If you need a unit to do all those and if you have enough copies of her, consider awakening her to NV.

NVA Yuraisha Overview

Yuraisha is an NV buffer that can constantly give high stat buffs and damage reductions to all allies, and damage up to Dragons / Insects.

Yuraisha (Base) Strengths

  • High stat buffs every turn
  • Grants 100% Dragon and Insect killer
  • Elemental buffs every turn

Yuraisha has "Four Elemental Barrier" that increases all stats of all allies by 250%, wind / earth / light / darkness resistance by 75%, and “Protector’s Stratagem" that grants general mitigation by 50% and grants HP 3,500 barrier. She can keep it up every turn.

She can buff damage to insects and dragons for both Physical and Magic by 100%. She can cast them every turn. Her buffs can be useful against Nozuchi, Shinryu, White Dragon and 2-headed dragon.

Yuraisha (Base) Weaknesses

  • Can’t imbue
  • No triple-cast

Yuraisha has no means of imbuing elements to allies. She can, however, reduce resistance to wind and earth by 100% but has no means of imbuing them.

Yuraisha is limited to acting twice at all times even after her NV awakening.

Although her killer buffs lasts for 5 turns, all other abilities lasts for 3 turns only. So manage your turns well so that you don't run out of buffs.

Yuraisha (BS) Strengths

  • Improved Healing and LB Support
  • High defensive passives

She excels at support various things such as HP / MP recovery, LB gauge and damage increase, debuff removal, and phys/mag damage reduction. She can stay in BS form indefinitely.

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Yuraisha (BS) Weaknesses

  • Loses on-demand all-stat buff and elemental resists

Yuraisha cannot use her 250% buff for all stats and elemental resists when she brave shifts. Her only way to buff stats in BS is via her LB. She also self-harms when using her abilities.

Final Thoughts

Yuraisha is an insane support unit. She has general and specific damage mitigation, high HP/MP recovery skills, elemental resist buffs, LB damage buff, LB fill, debuff removal and imperil removal. Her downside is she can’t triple cast but that can be managed by careful turn planning. She’s also lacking imbue abilities but I can’t really complain considering her amazing kit.

She is definitely a unit you should awaken to NV if you have enough copies/fragments of her. I would also recommend spending some tickets on the featured banner in hopes of pulling her if you are missing copies. I wouldn’t go as far as using an STMR Moogle on her but that’s because I save them for natural NVs. Go ahead and use your UoCs for extra copies if you can spare some.

Hess Sage Rowen

His kit is barebones. He can imbue and imperil ice by 120%. You can use him as an LB Finisher since his LB mod is 100x. It is a magic-type physical attack that hits once. He also has 150% LB damage passive, an active LB buff of 200% and 200% MTDH. His TMR is quite useful for the dragon killers (P/M at 50%) and his STMR (2H Katana with 178 MAG) is awesome for Lasswell NV. I wouldn’t pull for him but I’ll be quite happy to pull him off banner one day for his TMR.


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