Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

JP – 5th Anniversary 5 Hour Stream – 9/27

Content of the article: "JP – 5th Anniversary 5 Hour Stream – 9/27"

JP Version Only

Stream Status: Online



  • 17:00~: (Part 1) Talk about our five years of FFBE…
  • 18:00~: (Part 2) ACTUAL INFORMATION
  • 20:00~: (Part 3) FFBE PIANO RECITAL by Sakiko Matsui
  • 20:15~: (Part 4) Gifts/Challenge… (?)

Part 1: Fluff/Recap

Recaps… talking about the story, digests…
Voice Actors congratulating FFBE at the end of the segment.
(Some audio issues…)

Note: They just sent Lapis to people by mistake, they'll figure out what was the max amount and will distribute it properly later…

Part 2: Information

This will start at some point…

Discussing bugs… there will be an Android 11 Version at the end of October.
They have no clue what's causing the 0MB Download bug.

Going over the V.5.5.1 QoLs:

  • More info to the Unit (Stats) UI: Link
    (Evade, LB Damage, Accuracy etc)
  • More info to the Equipment UI: Link
    (Weapon variance etc…)
  • Chain Damage counter: Link
  • Filters / LB and Esper Damage: Link
  • Auto Equip will take into account VCs…
  • Energy (-1) Refund on fail (uncleared quests): Link

  • Bahamut Trial: (Mid October)
    +190 MAG, +75% MAG Damage vs Dragon, +50% MAG Damage vs Beast
    Two difficulties, Rod is the reward on the easier one.

  • Enhancements: K.Rain/K.Lasswell (9/30 Maint)
    Note: Straight up buffing their base LB Damage…

  • Star Quartz Change: (End of October)
    Can be used to exchange for previous Event-Limited Units (Kimahri and co)
    You'll be able to get a second one if you had one already.

New Units

  • (CG) NV Rain & Fina
    Type: Phys (BS: Mag)
    TMR: +30% ATK/MAG, +30% ATK w/ Greatsword, +30% MAG w/ Bow
    STMR: <2H Greatsword> +184 ATK, +176 MAG, +100% LB Damage
    Other: 1 / 2
    Note: The unit can chain with… itself…

  • (CG) NV Lasswell & Raegen
    Type: Phys (BS: Phys)
    TMR: +30% ATK, +40% ATK w/ Sword, +40% ATK w/ Katana
    STMR: +192 ATK, +75% Phys Damage vs Dragons, +25% LB Damage
    Note: The unit can chain with… itself…
    Ice attacker… (BS: Fire) increased damage to BREAK'd units?

  • (NVA) Lid & Jake
    BS finisher? Can imbue multiple elements

  • (NVA) Fina & Dark Fina

Event Information

  • 9/30~10/31: FFBE MK Event
  • Mid October~10/31: FFBE Story Event
  • Mid October~10/31: Tower of Heroes (NVA Fenrir Edel)
  • Late October~10/31: FFBE Raid

FFBE MK Event:

FFBE Story Event

Tower of Heroes

5th Anniversary Stuff (Coins):

Campaigns (October):

Something big will happen on October 22nd

Some stuff most won't care about:
DVD of the Musical, Digital Ultimania stuff, AndApp points bonus.
Will do some sort of online fan meeting…


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