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[JP] Armor of Oppression EXT (Iron Giant)

Content of the article: "[JP] Armor of Oppression EXT (Iron Giant)"

JP Version Only
Armor of Oppression EXT



News: Link
Moogle's Tips:

  • Human killer is effective Kupo!
Mission Reward
Clear the quest 黒鉄の重鎧 Heavy Armor ATK +50, DEF +60 +50% Phy Demon/Stone killer 100 Lapis
No items 50% ALL Trust Moogle
Clear within 15 turns 1x UoC Ticket
No KO 5x STMR Ticket

Raw AI: Link (credits to aEnigma)


Clear Videos

Youtube u/togeo 's clear
NV Gabranth NVA Yuraisha NVA Summer Fina & Lid NV Charlotte & Physalis NV Terra NV Terra

#label-red”>Youtube u/Sinzar_ 's clear
NV Gabranth CG Fina (CG) NV Summer Fina & Daisy Relm NV SoS Lightning NV SoS Lightning


Example Teams (without a video)

u/niconutela 's clear
Assassin Shadow (CG) NV Summer Fina & Daisy Relm Radiant Lightning (BS) Bahamut Fina (BS) NV SoS Lightning


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Iron Giant

  • Name: Iron Giant (credits to Sinzar)
  • Race: Human
  • Level: 99
3,500,000,000 2,000,000 4,500 100,000 4,500 50,000
4,500 (+0%) 100,000 (+0%) 4,500 (+0%) 50,000 (+0%)


Fire Ice Lightning Water Wind Earth Light Dark Neutral
50% 50% -100% -100% 50% 50% 50% 50% 50%
Poison Blind Sleep Silence Paralyze Confuse Disease Stone
100% 100% 95% 100% 95% 100% 100% 100%

Note: +100% resist per inflict

ATK Break DEF Break MAG Break SPR Break


No Skill Name Attack Type Description
1 なぎ払い Physical Physical damage (7x, ATK) to all enemies
2 メテオ Magic Magic damage (8x * 1.33 = 10.66x, MAG) to all enemies (ignore reflect)
3 プレッシャーが強まった! Fixed Fixed damage (1000) to all enemies Inflict Paralyze (100%) on all enemies Hybrid* damage (0.01x, ATK & MAG) as MP drain (100%) to all enemies
4 プレッシャーで体の自由が奪われる! Fixed Fixed damage (1000) to all enemies Inflict Paralyze (100%) on all enemies Hybrid* damage (0.01x, ATK & MAG) as MP drain (100%) to all enemies
5 力が解放されていく! Increase ATK, DEF, MAG and SPR by 100% for 3 turns to caster
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Temp AI

  • Meteor is used every turn. Extra one under ~20% HP.
  • AoE physical attack is used when crossing thresholds above 50%.
  • MP drain and AoE paralyze is used below 50%.
  • Self buff is used below 50%.


Community Tips

  • Use magic damage dealers.


  • CSS Tags for unit icons: Link


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