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JP: Faisy VS Beatrix Comparison, EHP and Kits

Post self explanatory : As of right now, there's a lot of speculation with Beatrix (BS Form) and Faisy (Base Form) as well as which one is better, Im here to compare the two.

TLDR: Beatrix = Tankier WAY better vs Untyped/Fixed damage, Faisy = better for resists.

First Off, eHP Calculation sitpulations:

Beatrix vs Faisy: Faisy has 75% General mitigation for herself, and fluctuating 75%~80% Mag mitigation on a 3/2 cycle over five turns. Her best on demand buff is 180%, but for Fairness we are giving her the 250% CD Spr buff (Dispels are usually rare and can be stalled/planned for). Beatrix is receiving her 5000 HP Barrier and 250% Self Spr buff. Faisy is EX2 for benefit of the doubt for her, and Beatrix is EX3 (EX1 is given out for Free for beatrix, so EX3 isnt a far shot for most older players who have likely accrued some beatrix over the years.)

Build Totals, Faisy: 39,063 HP, 3,967 SPR (+1247,) <5224 total>

Beatrix : 45,539 HP (+5000), 5458 SPR (+1017) <6485 Total> Note: This build was done prior to her clothes being available, which raise her spirit about 250~300 points best case scenario.

What They each have in Kit bulk wise: (Snow VC used, +1000 HP / 60Def 60Spr)

– Faisy: 75% Self Mitigation, 77% Mag mit average, 72.5% Cover Mit average + 80% Chance Cover (180% Atk/Def/Mag/Spr buff 250% Spr buff for self on CD)

– Beatrix: 85% Self Mitigation, 5000 Barrier, 50% Mag Mit, 72.5% Cover Mit Average, 100% Chance. (250% Spr Buff for self, 200% Spr buff for party.)

Cover chance is not factored into these calculations, but is worth mentioning for purposes of counter covering, as Beatrix does not ever have to deal with the chance she won't cover a magic Counter. Beatrix also has 75% General mitigation for the party on her LB, and is capable of Sealing a single spell via her LB if needed (for say, dispel purposes). These are important notes, but not particularly relevant for the sake of this calculation.

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EHP Totals

Beatrix EHP: 50,539 x 6485 / (0.15 x .5 x .35 ~ .275 ~ .2) = 12,485,539,619.047 ~ 15,890,686,787.878 ~ 21,849,694,333.333 HP

Faisy EHP: 39,063 x 5224 / (0.25 x 0.23 x .35 ~ 0.275 ~ .2) = 10,139,881,341.614 ~ 12,905,303,525 ~ 17,744,792,347.826 HP

Note: This was using the Shield buff in JP, and Building Faisy with a 1W EQ Staff build involving the use of Freesia STM and TM. Faisy was not given a barrier due to her barrier only have 2 uses and therefore only relevant in extreme nuke situations such as Teraflare and Gigaflare from Bahamut or Wave cannon from Omega. If Provided her 8000 Barrier (average): 15,548,275,857.707 HP

As one can deduce, Beatrix wins out in both scenarios, Faisy without a barrier and Faisy with a barrier. Another key thing in this scenario is that Beatrix's gear is incredibly easy to get her to this point, with most of the things she has being Flat SPR items or her own gear, With Faisy requiring a lot of Niche gear such as Freesia's STM and TM, and things like 5 star Aerith's STM

Utility Wise:

This is where Faisy ends up overtaking Beatrix in some regards. Faisy has higher innate elemental resistances, with Beatrix having 40%Fire/Ice/Thunder/Light and Dark Resist, +50% Fire Resist via her GS, and Faisy having 100% Water Resist as well as 100% Light Resist and 50% Dark, or 100% Water Resist and 100% Fire Resist 50% Earth Resist. Faisy can also build bulk in one form and resists in another, Leading to some easier gearing. Beatrix on the other hand only has 1 form for tanking, and therefore must squeeze all her gear into said form and she is locked into Greatswords (not that its necessarily a bad thing since her GS is Thicc). Bea also has 400% Natural Spr, so she is free to gear Def / HP / Whatever she needs, so she's not dead in the water as far as slots go.

Faisy has 90% buffs of All elemental resists, split between two forms, and Beatrix has…..nothing. Beatrix tends to rely on just face tanking any elements that come her way, and with such high eHP, shes usually pretty good at it. Faisy has her CD for AOE Reraise, so if she or others need it more than every 4 turns, shes usually out of luck. She has 180% AOE Full buff, and Light/Earth Imbues as well as 100% Earth imperil. She has 75% Breaks in one form, That last for 3 turns. She can heal somewhat, with a 6000 flat Heal from Sonar Healing, and is capable of MP sustain somewhat with her CD.

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Beatrix on the other, does not have a whole lot of utility. She does not have Reraise at all, however. That being said, she does have Curaga and Full raise as well as she is able to W-Cast white magic and green magic that she learns with the rest of her kit. This includes: Reflect +2, Shellga +2, Banishga +3, Banish, Holy, Silence, Blind, Esuna, Curaga, Raise and Full Raise. tm>. Due to her high Spr, she can heal rather well with Curaga, with our build she restores around 12,400 HP (1000 + 3.4 x (6485 x .5 + 1101 x .1). This gives her nearly twice the healing power, and with Her HP, she needs it. With Shellga, she has on demand 200% Spr and 50% Mag mit for the party, should a dispel happen she can put up that and Cover all at the same time. Faisy must choose between Cover and Mag mit, or Cover and buff. Beatrix's self mitigation importantly is also not tied to her provoke which is off on its own, meaning you can freely use it without regards to What if's and accidentally blocking your provoke from taking a particularly nasty hit. More of a user error thing and can definitely be geared against though.


Beatrix does tend to be the tankier tank, but will require outside help for elemental resists and reraise, among other things. Faisy on the other hand, to no surprise has a hugely bloated kit that Beatrix cant contend with all of it. Most of what Beatrix does contend with, Shes Stronger at. As far as tanking goes, Beatrix's simplified kit really shines and makes her flow easily, where as Faisy requires a LOT more careful consideration, watching CD's, etc. The other thing to consider is that Faisy is an NV Base unit, so there should be some separation between the two as Beatrix is an old unit that was given for free. All in All, My personal opinion I like Beatrix more than Faisy (mainly because I feel the need to NSFW tag anything with their CG or Sprite in it and Summer units are really jarring). Jokes aside, they both have pros and cons, so use them as they fit for the subject at hand

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For Funsies: Beatrix's SBB/Series Buffed eHP, With Garnet Barrier and Faisy Mag Mit: 80,559 HP, 7706 Spr : 620,787,654 / (0.15 x 0.2 x 0.35 ~ 0.275 ~ 0.2) = 59,122,633,714.285 ~ 75,246,988,363.636 ~ 103,464,609,000

For your viewing pleasure, Beatrix Tanking Teraflare.


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