Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

JP – FF1 Chronicle Battles: Death Eye – 11/30+

JP Version Only
FF1 Chronicle Battles

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  • Basically merging SBBs with B-Ability Trials
  • FF1 Units will receive a 300% Stats Boost

EX Bonus (Drops)



  • Name: デスアイ (Death Eye)
  • Tribe: Undead
  • Breaks: ??
  • Libra: Link
  • Weakness: Fire / Light
  • Perform an instant death attack
  • Perform a paralysis attack


Lv1ClearEquip: きょじんのこて(FFI)
Lv11+ Party Member100x Lapis
Lv1No Deaths1x NVA Frag Ticket
Lv1Within 3 Turns100x FF1 Pogs
Lv2ClearRecipe: ソードオブライト(FFI)+1
Lv21+ Party Member100x Lapis
Lv2No Deaths1x NVA Frag Ticket
Lv2Within 3 Turns100x FF1 Pogs
Lv31+ Party Member100x Lapis
Lv3No Deaths1x NVA Frag Ticket
Lv3Within 3 Turns200x FF1 Pogs
Lv4ClearRecipe: ソードオブライト(FFI)+2
Lv41+ Party Member100x Lapis
Lv4No Deaths1x NVA Frag Ticket
Lv4Within 3 Turns400x FF1 Pogs
Lv5ClearRecipe: きょじんのこて(FFI)+1
Lv5Within 10 Turns100x Lapis
Lv5Within 5 Turns1x Cactuar VC
Lv5Within 3 Turns700x FF1 Pogs
Lv6ClearRecipe: ソードオブライト(FFI)+3
Lv6Within 10 Turns100x Lapis
Lv6Within 5 Turns200x CB Medals
Lv6Within 3 Turns1000x FF1 Pogs
Lv7ClearRecipe: きょじんのこて(FFI)+2
Lv7Within 10 Turns100x Lapis
Lv7Within 5 Turns300x CB Medals
Lv7Within 3 Turns1000x FF1 Pogs
Lv8ClearRecipe: ソードオブライト(FFI)+4
Lv8Within 10 Turns100x Lapis
Lv8Within 5 Turns500x CB Medals
Lv8Within 3 Turns1500x FF1 Pogs
Lv9ClearRecipe: きょじんのこて(FFI)+3
Lv9Within 10 Turns100x Lapis
Lv9Within 5 Turns500x CB Medals
Lv9Within 3 Turns2000x FF1 Pogs
Lv10ClearRecipe: ソードオブライト(FFI)+4 両手武具化
Lv10Within 10 TurnsRecipe: ソードオブライト(FFI)+4 片手武具化
Lv10Within 5 Turns1000x CB Medals
Lv10Within 3 Turns3000x FF1 Pogs


きょじんのこて(FFI)  +20 ATK, +6 DEF, Auto-Self 60% ATK Buff きょじんのこて(FFI)+3  +45 ATK, +6 DEF, Auto-Self 60% ATK Buff +50% P/M Aqua/Dragon/Undead ---------- ソードオブライト(FFI)+4 (片手武具化)  +170 ATK, +227 DEF +50% DEF +20% HP, 5% MP/Turn WoL Only: +500 Static DEF PDEF Unit: +500 Static DEF, +100% LB Damage ソードオブライト(FFI)+4 両手武具化 <2H Sword> +170 ATK, +206 DEF +50% DEF +20% HP, 5% MP/Turn WoL Only: +500 Static DEF PDEF Unit: +500 Static DEF, +100% LB Damage (50% Acc, 1.25x~1.75x) 

(You can switch back and forth between 両手武具化 and 片手武具化)


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