Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

JP – FF13LR (NV Snow / NVA Serah) – Banner(s) Megathread – 11/20~11/30

Content of the article: "JP – FF13LR (NV Snow / NVA Serah) – Banner(s) Megathread – 11/20~11/30"

JP Version Only
FF13LR – Pickup Thread

  • Duration: 11/20 17:00 ~ 11/30 23:59
  • Official Announcement: Banner

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Featured Banner :

  • Pull Rates: 2.5% NV, 7.5% Rainbow, Gold 45%, Blue 45%.
  • Reduced Rainbow Pool / Fest Included
  • This banner is Fest but does not have any featured Fest units.
  • NV Base Units don't appear from EX ticket pulls and cannot be UoC'ed.
  • NV Units are in the pool of every banner.
  • Vision Cards drops when pulling a Neo Vision Crystal (Random Bonus).
  • Deal: Deal: A ticket with each 11 Pulls, exchange 12x for NV Snow

Featured Units

DEX Icon Name Wiki Rarity Rates (+1) C.F.         TMR                 STMR        
2213 NV Snow 孤高の太守スノウ Wiki NV 1% ヒーロー参上 +750 HP, +40% DEF/SPR 冥晶の骸甲 +175 DEF/SPR
1882 (Old) Serah セラ Link 5-NV 1.5% サジタリアス(FFXIII-2) <2H Bow> +76 ATK, +145 MAG (DmgVar 1.25-1.75x, Accuracy+70%) 魔弓の射手 +60% MAG, +40% MAG w/ Bow, (25% Acc) +75% EQ MAG w/ DH (TDH)
2158 NV Onion Knight オニオンナイト-Neo Vision- Wiki NV 0.5% 風のクリスタルに選ばれし者 +50% EQ ATK w/ DW (TDW), +30% P/M Dmg vs Undead 真・オニオンソード +188 ATK, +22 DEF/SPR, +30% Fire / Water / Wind / Earth Resist
2123 (CG) NV Firion フリオニール-Neo Vision- Wiki NV 0.5% のばらの義士 +60% ATK w/ Bow, +30% ATK w/ Sword, Axe and Spear フリオニールの弓 <2H Bow> +180 ATK, +50% LB Dmg, +50% Phys Dmg vs Birds, (25% Acc) +100% EQ ATK w/ DH (TDH) (DmgVar 1.25-1.75x, Acc+70%)

*: Rates for the +1 of a 5k Pull or 4★ Ticket.

Vision Card

NV Snow:

解放者の降臨 Lv1: +500 HP, +30 DEF/SPR | Lv10: +1000 HP, +60 DEF/SPR --------------------- Lv4: +20% HP w/ Axe and/or Fist Lv7: +20% HP w/ Axe and/or Fist Lv10: +50% EQ DEF/SPR w/ One-Weapon (Axe or Fist) (Cond: Male) 


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