Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

JP – FF6 ((CG) NV Celes, NV Cyan, 7★ Mog, 7★ Umaro) – Banner(s) Megathread – 04/30~05/31

JP Version Only
FF6 – Pickup Thread

  • Duration: 04/30 17:00 ~ 05/31 23:59
  • Official Announcement: Banners

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Featured Banner :

  • Pull Rates: 3% NV, 7% Rainbow, Gold 45%, Blue 45%.
  • Reduced Rainbow Pool / Fest Included (0.25% FF6 Units)
  • This banner is Fest but does not have any featured Fest units.
  • NV Base Units don't appear from EX ticket pulls and cannot be UoC'ed.
  • NV Units are in the pool of every banner.
  • Vision Cards drops when pulling a Neo Vision Crystal (Random Bonus).
  • Deal: 10x FF6 Special Box Tickets with every 11 Summons (Ticket are Celes or Cyan specific)

Featured Units

DEX Icon Name Wiki Rarity Rates (+1) C.F.         TMR                 STMR        
2288 NV Invincible General Celes 常勝将軍 セリス Wiki NV (1%*) 高潔な人造魔導士 +40% MP/SPR, 50% P/M Damage vs Aqua (FF6 Only) ライトブリンガー(FFVI) +180 ATK/MAG/SPR, +50% LB Damage, +250 ATK/MAG/SPR, 30% P/M Evasion
2289 NV Samurai Cyan サムライ カイエン Wiki NV (1%*) ドマの秘技 +50% ATK, 40% P/M Damage vs Birds & Demons 陸奥守(FFVI) <2H Katana> +215 ATK, (+50% Acc, Var: 1.05x~1.55x) FF6 Only: +75% LB Damage, 20% Phys Evasion
2290 Narshe Moogle Mog ナルシェのモーグリ モグ Wiki 5-NV 1.5% モーグリの直感 +50% Encounter Rate, Recover 8 MP/Steps, +60% EXP 沙悟浄の槍(FFVI) <2H Spear> +170 ATK, (+50% Acc, Var: 1x~1.6x) 50% Phys Damage vs Birds & Stones
2293 Narshe Yeti Umaro ナルシェの雪男 ウーマロ Wiki 5-7★ 1.5% 雪男の戦闘法 ** x2 Normal Attacks, 100% Confuse Resist 吹雪のオーブ(FFVI) +50 ATK, +30% Fire/Ice Resist, 100% Death Resist, 30% P/M Counter with Normal Attack

Note: Two Banners, 1% "Featured" NV, 0.25% Old FF6 Units.

Important: Non-Featured NV will not show up on the other unit's banner.

FF6 Special Boxes:

Box Content
Box 1 1x Master Crown 100x Featured NV's Shards
Box 2 1x Featured NV 100x Featured NV's Shards
Box 3 1x Master Crown 100x Featured NV's Shards

"Featured" refers to either Celes or Cyan, depending on the box.

Note: Master Crown is used to enhanced Terra/Locke

Vision Card


結束の星 Lv1: +50 ATK/MAG Lv10: +100 ATK/MAG --------------------- Lv4: +25% LB Damage Lv7: +50% ATK/MAG Lv10: +300 ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR (Cond: FF6) 

VC available from EX+3 of Celes/Cyan and Banner's Pool.


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