Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

JP – FFBE 6th Anni Chronicle Battles+EX: Drake – 10/07+

JP Version Only
6th Anni Chronicle Battles

  • Official Announcement: Link / Info
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Event Videos

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  • Basically merging SBBs with B-Ability Trials
  • FFBE Units will receive a 300% Stats Boost
  • 5★+ FFBE units will receive a 10% Drop Bonus.

EX Bonus (Drops)


CB EX Battle:

  • Name: ウェポン・イビルス
  • Tribe: Demon/Dragon
  • Libra: Link
  • Breaks: ??
  • Weakness: Light / Dark
  • Attack turns are divided into physical attacks, HP percentage damage attacks, and magic attacks.
  • Activate the area effect of LB damage up (+300% LB Damage) Missions/Rewards:

    Clear | NV Akstar Fragments No Deaths | 1x 6th Anniversary NV Ticket ≤4 Units | 3000x Lapis Within 4 turns | ???? Crystal

Drake Battle

  • Name: ミラードレイク・イビルス
  • Tribe: Dragon
  • Breaks: ??
  • Libra: Link
  • Weakness: Dark
  • Does Physical damage…


Lv11+ Party Member100 Lapis
Lv1No Deaths6x LvMax Minituar
Lv1Within 3 Turns100x Side Story Pogs
Lv21+ Party Member100 Lapis
Lv2No Deaths6x LvMax Minituar
Lv2Within 3 Turns100x Side Story Pogs
Lv31+ Party Member100 Lapis
Lv3No Deaths6x LvMax Minituar
Lv3Within 3 Turns200x Side Story Pogs
Lv41+ Party Member100 Lapis
Lv4No Deaths100x Small White B-Mats
Lv4Within 3 Turns300x Side Story Pogs
Lv5Within 10 Turns100 Lapis
Lv5Within 5 Turns100x Small White B-Mats
Lv5Within 3 Turns400x Side Story Pogs
Lv6Within 10 Turns100 Lapis
Lv6Within 5 Turns100x Small White B-Mats
Lv6Within 3 Turns500x Side Story Pogs
Lv7Clear100 Lapis
Lv7Within 10 Turns55x White B-Mats
Lv7Within 5 Turns8x Large White B-Mats
Lv7Within 3 Turns600x Side Story Pogs
Lv8Within 10 Turns100 Lapis
Lv8Within 5 Turns55x White B-Mats
Lv8Within 3 Turns700x Side Story Pogs
Lv9Within 10 Turns100 Lapis
Lv9Within 5 Turns55x White B-Mats
Lv9Within 3 Turns800x Side Story Pogs
Lv10Clear1x 6th Anniversary NV Ticket
Lv10Within 10 Turns100 Lapis
Lv10Within 5 Turns8x Large White B-Mats
Lv10Within 3 Turns1000x Side Story Pogs


武聖の手甲  +40 ATK, +6 DEF 武聖の手甲+3  +55 ATK, +6 DEF New Raegen/Akstar Only: 30% Phys Evade ========== 魔空のマント  +40 MAG, +6 SPR 魔空のマント+3  +55 MAG, +6 SPR, 30% Dark Resist Dark Rain: +100 Static MAG 


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