Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

JP – Information Stream – 11/28

JP Version Only

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New Units

Available on 11/30

Warrior of Light

  • TMR: (FF1 Only) +500 Static ATK/DEF, +50% P/M All Killers
  • STMR: +800 HP, +50 ATK, +100 DEF, +50 SPR, +100% HP, PTanks Only: +500 Static DEF, +75% P/M Demon/Undead Killer
  • Note: NOT a premium unit.
  • LB: ST damage, ATK/MAG down, party mitigation + physical mitigation + Aqua/Demon/Dragon/Undead physical mitigation
  • BS LB: Party Demon/Undead P/M mitigation, self LB and party specific LB mod up
  • More Info/Ex: Link

More Info:

"A physical defense unit that is effective in fighting Demon/Aquan/Undead/Dragon" BS Magnus Skill: All Allies 85% Demon/Undead Mitigation EX+2: LB Prep EX+3: Static DEF+500 

Vision Card

  • Lv10: +1000 HP, +100 DEF
  • Guts (>30% HP)
  • Ptanks: +500 Static HP, +300 Static DEF
  • Ptanks: +100% P/M Demon Killer


  • TMR: +50% P/M Insect/Plant Killer w/ Sword/Rod
  • STMR: +232 MAG, FF1 Only: +500 Static MAG, +50% P/M Plant/Beast Killer
  • Note: SLB Unit
  • More Info/Ex: Link

More Info:

"A unit that specalizes in using Fira and allows all allies to use Fira with her for support chains. Her SLB is a strong fire finisher." Has access to Fira+3 and can buff her Fira mod with her magnus skill as well as allow the party to use it. SLB: ST Fire Imperil 135% + Self Bug Killer (Mag, 100%) + ST Fire Magic Damage + Self Fira Mod 300x up EX+2: LB Prep EX+3: Static MAG+500 

Vision Card

  • Lv10: +100 MAG
  • +50% MAG
  • +25% LB Damage
  • FF1 Only: +500 Static MAG

NVA Garland

  • TMR: +50% ATK, 100% LB Fill Rate
  • STMR: +55 ATK, +48 DEF, +35 SPR, 5% MP/Turn, +75% P/M Human Killer
  • Note: SLB Unit
  • More Info/Ex: Link

More Info:

"A debuffer that can debuff DEF, SPR and 5 elements, as well as buff specific allies' LBs. He can get all race killers up to 100% by levelling his Brave Abilities." His passive ability increases the mods of his various skills. SLB: ST 87% DEF/SPR Break + 125% Fire/Water/Wind/Earth/Dark + Dark Phys Damage. Also buffs the LB Mods of Marilith, 3* Garland and NV Garland by 50x. EX+2: LB Prep EX+3: Static ATK+500 

New Event: FF1

11/30 17:00 ~ 12/26 23:59 JST


Collab: Actraiser

Actraiser Renaissance x FFBE

11/30 17:00 ~ 12/15 23:59 JST


  • TMR: <2H Greatsword> God Only: +220 ATK/MAG, +50% P/M Demon/Undead Killer, +250 Static ATK/MAG
  • STMR: +50 ATK/MAG, God Only: +250 Static ATK/MAG, Phys Unit: +50% EQ ATK w/ TDH, MAG Unit: +50% EQ MAG w/ TDH
  • Note: FREE Unit, SLB.
  • More Info/Ex: Link

More Info:

"A hybrid attacker (think WOTV Gilgamesh) that specializes in fighting Beast, Human, Machine, Dragon, Stone and Undeads with NE and Light attacks." SLB: Self Beast/Demon Killer (Phys+Mag) 150% buff, ST 250x NE Attack and buffs mods of various abilities. Has abilities that consume LB gauge to cause MAG damage: A light-ele finisher ability with 1400x mod. A light-ele 50% SPR-ignore AOE MAG Ability with 500x mod. EX+2: Static ATK and MAG+250 EX+3: Static ATK and MAG+500 

Vision Card

  • Lv10: +80 ATK/MAG
  • +50% EQ ATK/MAG w/ TDH
  • +50% EQ ATK/MAG w/ TDH
  • God Only: +400 Static ATK/MAG



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