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JP – Maint, FF6 MK (Free 7★ Strago), Banner: NV Terra / 7★ Relm, NV Awakening + Enh: Shadow / Kefka, 45M DL Campaigns – 8/31+

Content of the article: "JP – Maint, FF6 MK (Free 7★ Strago), Banner: NV Terra / 7★ Relm, NV Awakening + Enh: Shadow / Kefka, 45M DL Campaigns – 8/31+"


Source: Link
Duration: 8/31 10:00 ~ 15:00 JST

  • FF6 MK+Banner
  • NVA: Shadow/Kefka
  • Enh: Shadow/Kefka
  • MK Stages changed to only BGN/ADV/LGD (3)

MK Event: FF6

Source: Link
Duration: 8/31 15:00 ~ 9/15 23:59 JST

  • Usual Series MK but changed to only BGN/ADV/LGD
  • Exploration stage day-of
  • Daily EX Stage

Event Equipment:

ホーリーロッド (Rod) MP30, MAG121 Upgrade: ホーリーロッド+ (Rod) MP50, MAG144 リルムの帽子 (Hat) DEF8, MAG25, SPR10 Upgrade: リルムの帽子+ (Hat) DEF10, MAG36, SPR12, Grants MP Cost-5% かたみのゆびわ (Accessory) Only equipable by Relm, Assassin Shadow and Shadow Petrify Immune, Grants HP/MP/ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR+20% Upgrades into: かたみのゆびわ+ (Accessory) Petrify Immune, Grants Death Immunity and HP/MP/ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR+30% -------------- Exploration:  三闘神の像に宿りし力 +20% MAG, +50% MAG Damage vs Spirit  幻獣との和解 +40% MAG, +25% Esper Reflected Stats 

Free Event Unit

(New) Strago

  • Type: Mag/Support
  • TMR: MAG+30%, TDH MAG+25%
  • STMR: MAG48, Grants Auto-Limit + TDH MAG+25%
  • LB: AOE Death or Damage

Skillset Preview:

  • (Blue Magic) AOE Heal
  • (CG4/MC) (Blue Magic) AOE Water DMG 3 Times
  • (Blue Magic) AOE DEF/SPR Up + Phys/Mag Mit (6 Turns)
  • (Blue Magic) All Allies and Enemies Fire/Ice/Thunder Res Up
  • (Blue Magic) AOE SPR Ignore MAG DMG

Featured Banner

Source: Link
Duration: 8/31 15:00 ~ 9/15 23:59 JST

Special Notes:

  • Rates: 2% NV, 8% Rainbow, Gold 45%, Blue 45%.
  • This banner is Fest but does not have any featured Fest units.
  • NV Units don't appear from EX ticket pulls and cannot be UoC'ed.
  • NV Units are in the pool for every banner.
  • NV Terra is certainly CG (No details yet)
  • Deal: ?? / TBA

Featured Rates

Unit Rarity Rate
(New) CG NV Terra NV 1%
(New) Relm 5-7★ 1.5%
(Old) Assassin Shadow 5-NV 1.5%
(Old) Archmage Kefka 5-NV 1.5%
Off-Banner NV NV 1%

Featured Units

(CG) NV Terra

  • Type: Support
  • BS Type: Support/Mag
  • TMR: MAG+60%, Summon DMG+25%
  • STMR: ATK88, MAG190, Grants Summon DMG+50%
  • LB: AOE DMG + Applies "LB Damage Up" Area Effect
  • BS LB: ST Fire DMG

Vision Card: (EX+3)

Skillset Preview:

  • Use Esper Gauge to Self MAG Up + Enable Q-Cast for 4 Turns
  • Can use any Esper from Party + Summon DMG+30% + Applies Specific Area Effects depending on Esper Summoned
  • (CG4/MC) ST Fire DMG
  • (CG4/MC) (2/Quest) Fire SPR Ignore DMG to all Enemies/Allies

Brave Shift Mode:

  • (CG3/CW) AOE Summon DMG 2 Times
  • (2/Quest) Self LB Fill + LB DMG Up + AOE Fire Imperil

(New) 5-7★ Relm

  • Type: Support
  • TMR: MP+40% + Auto-Limit
  • STMR: ATK124, MAG158, Grants ATK+20%, MAG+20%, LB Fill Rate Up
  • LB: AOE DMG + All Allies Fire/Thunder Amplify

Skillset Preview:

  • AOE MAG/Phy Spirit Killer
  • AOE MAG/Phy Undead Killer
  • AOE Fire Imperil + AOE Fire Amplify
  • AOE Thunder Imperil + AOE Thunder Amplify
  • All Parties Dispelga
  • (7 Stars) (6T CD) AOE ATK/MAG Up + AOE Rod Imperil + T-Cast Enabled for 3 Turns
  • (7 Stars) (7T CD) Self Damage, but AOE LB Fill + LB Fill Rate UP + LB DMG Up

(Old) 5-NV Assassin Shadow

  • Type: Phys

Brave Shift LB: ST Dark DMG + Self Human Killer

New Abilities:

  • Katana Break Gauge Skill
  • Self Accuracy Up + ST Katana Imperil

Brave Shift Abilities:

  • Provoke + Self Human Magic Miigation for 4 Turns

(Old) 5-NV Archmage Kefka

  • Type: Debuff/Mag

Brave Shift LB: AOE Thunder DMG

New Abilities:

  • Self HP/MP Fill + Hide
  • AOE MAG Ice DMG + Dmg Up on Consecutive uses

Brave Shift Abilities:

  • (2/Quest) ST Ally MAG Human Killer
  • (2/Quest) ST Ally MAG Beast Killer
  • (2/Quest) ST Ally MAG bird Killer


B-Ability Trials: (8/31~9/15)

NV Logins/Shards:

Source: Link
Duration: 9/1 5:00 ~ 9/14 4:59 JST

  • 10/15 Days of Rewards
  • Total: 50x NV Terra, 25x Shadow, 25x Kefka, 3x LvMax Minituar, 10x 10 EN Pots, 1x Pearl

45M DL (Worldwide)

Campaigns: (8/31~9/15)

  • Daily Lapis (10 Days/15) 5,000 Lapis in total
  • Special Daily Missions:
    • Clear 4x Quests: 1x STMR Ticket
    • 45+ Chain: 1x 50 EN Pot
    • 45+ Ele Chain: Gil Snapper
    • 45M+ Dmg: LvMax Minituar
    • 5+ Arena Fights: 1x SP Ticket (September)
  • Fusion Rates Up + Half Awakening Gil Cost
  • FP Campaign (Points x10) / 10x pulls per day
  • Chocobo Exploration
  • Half Energy (Story)


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