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JP : NV Celes Review / Mag Tank Comparison

As per norm, this is JP content, subject to GL change and a major use of JP STMRs.

Without any delay, onto the unit.

TLDR: Shes Beatrix with NVBase stats. Trades a little support for beeg tank in terms of Faisy.

Celes is a very straight forward Mag tank, and falls somewhere in between Faisy and Beatrix when it comes to kit. She's got true shift per norm for JP units lately, so she can seamlessly swap between forms to do whatever she needs. She has very few skills, but they each have 4 different active effects on them, so she does a lot in a very little amount of time. Her base form is her primary tanking form, with 515 base spr at EX3, she outclasses any tank in that regard. (Faisy has 467 for comparison, Snow has 513 base Spr in shift with the new pot change, next approximate highest). As far as tanking goes, Celes has 72.5% Avg cover mit, 75% ondemand general Mitigation with 50% on demand mag mitigation and 80% AOE Mag/Gen Mitigation for one turn on her expensive LB. You'll likely get more out of using her Shift LB, and unless the whole party is taking a nasty attack, you're better off guarding Celes in base and using LB in shift for the turn due to Cost. (more on this later with eHP Calcs).

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Her Shift form maintains some tankiness, with 100% less EQ spr (going from 300% -> 200%) and dropping some base Spr (-26 less). However, in this form she has Avian/Dragon killer, LB damage buff for party, Ice Buffs (230% All stat buff +30% Ice Amp + AOE Ice Imbue), Protect2 and Shell2, meaning she can take on full responsibility of support and Tank in one slot, which is invaluable to some. Her LB is just an expanded form of her normal buff move with 300% Buffs, Ice Imbue and a larger amp, Along with AOE 250% LB damage. This is the LB you'll be using most often, and unless you're buffing the party, you're more likely to only spend a turn or 2 in this form before jumping back to base and continue big tanking. All her buffs have 4 Turn durations on them, so youre not really juggling buff durations. She has curaga for healing in both forms, which with her massive Spr and a Lenna TM, heals about 12k+ (13860 with 6000spr and 1500mag post buff, easily attainable).

As far as equipment goes, she really wants Santa Roselia's STM, or Eq HShield and Charlottes Shield, along with Her TM. She favors Faisy's Card, as the FF6 one is pretty terrible for her tanking and mainly made for Terra/Cyan/Shadow. The top end Build we're Looking at is something like this:

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Celes STM w/ 40%HP Charlotte STM
Faisy STM Wilhelm STM
SLuka TM SD3 Ribbon

Yoshi STM <50% HP Materia>
Sluka STM Lenna TM

She Ends up with 310%HP, 400% (450%)Spr, and 350EQ Spr with this build, giving her around 37,417HP and 6028 Spr before buffs. When under her 300% Stat buff, this puts her at 7813 Spr. For reference, since you can dump Lenna TM for extra HP in this build, Her curaga with Lenna TM: 17,925, w/o: 13,851. About a difference of 4000 per cast. Her total "base" effective HP: 292,339,021.

For a brief reminder in case you missed my previous post: Beatrix came out to 15,890,686,787 avg, with Faisy having 12,905,303,525 or 15,548,275,857 with an 8000 Barrier.

Celes Avg Mitigation: 72.5%, Gen Mit: 75%, Mag Mit: 50%, With 50% Guard mit. Under LB turn, 80% Gen and Mag mit.

Celes eHP Calc: Guard Mit Calc : 17,008,815,767 (baseeHP/(.275x.25x.5x.5) , LB Turn: 26,576,274,636.363 (baseeHP/(.275x.2x.2))

This is without a barrier, so she most certainly comes out MUCH tankier than the others with the barrier added. If we add a 10k barrier (Garnet) and assume using LB: 33,679,001,909.


Celes is the next big thing in tanking, stealing a little bit from all the other mag tanks and amping it up tenfold. Shes a nice middle ground between Snow and Faisy when it comes to support, and is way more team oriented. The fact she can fully support the team without needing any help from another support leaves room for units like Relm, Noctis or Hawkeye that you're only bringing for the Weapon Imperil to boost damage. She cant take care of elemental resists like Faisy can and doesnt have that many innate elemental resists (only Ice, 30%), but she gets by tanking anything particularly nasty just fine by slamming her face into it.

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